By: Regenerative Intelligence Systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Information Technology

A typical organization today is mired in the following environmental reality:
  • more data is flowing into the organization
  • the sources of data are increasing
  • the trustworthiness of the sources of data becomes increasingly important
  • data access is typically “application silo based” which means that there is little if any integration between data stored in different and isolated applications thus loosing the opportunity to leverage knowledge discovered between multiple repositories
  • over 90% of the data is fully unstructured and difficult to mine for relevant information
  • integration between traditional structure (database) and increasing unstructured (documents) is almost non existent

We also acknowledge that changes to the information technology environment can affect day to day operations and in some organizations, such impacts are not permitted. Furthermore, for changes to be effective they usually affect business processes, which in turn impacts people, and their processes. The organization’s employees, despite the potential benefits that they, the organization, and its clients may receive usually meet change within an organization with significant resistance. 

Implementing change to leverage technology thus is a very challenging undertaking for any organization. At its core, change affects people and by their very nature, people are resistant to change unless they see or perceive some real and tangible benefit to them personally. Most people will in fact try to disrupt any proposed change to the business processes that affect them even if it is for the benefit of the entire organization.

Through the use of semantic based solution we will help you effect positive change that delivers actionable insight for productive results.

Advanced consulting for the design and implementation of intelligent systems.

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  • Leading Technology
  • Industry Expertise
  • Effective Methodologies
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Systems Design and Implementation:

We will assist organizations in developing solutions the provide insight from the information that surrounds them.

Insight Discovery Service BureauWe will use our technologies to analyze your information and report what we discover. Competitor Monitoring:We will create a semantic based signature of your information and monitor competitors that are potentially gaining a competitive advantage or infringing on your prior art.

Keywords: Information Technology

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