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By: Priosec  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security, Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing services provide you with an x-ray perspective of your current security posture. Infiltrating your systems, we carefully probe for unauthorized access points to corporate information. In this way we clearly identify your vulnerabilities and the ways in which a malicious attack on infrastructures could be successfully mounted.

The value of penetration testing is difficult to define:

  • How can you place a dollar figure on your information and reputation?
  • What is the cost of the competition having access to your R&D initiatives?
  • What is the cost of your technology being inaccessible, for even a short period of time?

In the US alone, approximately 12 billion dollars last year was spent dealing with cyber attacks and viruses. An astonishing 99% of these problems involved publicly known vulnerabilities. Given the realities of conducting business in the digital age, finding security flaws before someone else does can save significant time and money.

Priosec penetration testing services can be employed as a corrective measure for bolstering current corporate security teams and strategies. If a security strategy is not currently in place, a penetration test is a good place to start. In pinpointing weaknesses and prioritizing business considerations, Priosec can effectively adjust security strategies.

Phase I: Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerability analysis involves conducting a high-level vulnerability scan of target environments and identifying security holes in operating systems, network appliances, and firewalls. This phase consists of multiple tasks, all of which facilitate the testing team in identifying areas that require corrective actions. At no point during this phase will the identified issues be exploited, this is a transparent review and preparatory work for Phase 02. However in certain circumstances files may be obtained from the target system to confirm if a vulnerability were present, for example, obtaining a configuration file from a system would identify the file is inadequately protected.

Phase II: Infiltration

The Infiltration phase validates the vulnerabilities identified in Phase 01 through exploitation. After a complete vulnerability analysis, Priosec uses a variety of custom and publicly available tools to enter the systems under review. The process is intrusive and controlled; here we determine how a real attack would unfold.

Keywords: Penetration Testing, Security

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