NetVu Management Server for 24/7 Support of Payment Processing

By: Precidia  09-12-2011

Remote Deployment
NetVu sets the standard for deployment simplicity. After a simple plug and play installation, the Precidia unit is ready to be remotely configured. Simply enter NetVu's user interface from any PC, and follow the intuitive instructions to assign and configure any number of devices, in any location. Modelled on the successful payment terminal installation process, NetVu will have you up and running in minutes, not hours. Remote configuration and administration reduces staff and travel costs, maximizing already busy technical personnel.

A View of the Network for 24/7 Support
When problems occur, users are often frustrated by the pressure of resolving them quickly. With NetVu, problems can be quickly and accurately located on the network, avoiding finger pointing amongst suppliers. This shortcut can shave critical minutes, minimizing lost opportunities. Help desk staff, with the device ID number and a standard web browser, can view device activity and determine the location of the problem, all with the assurance of SSL encryption so only those you authorize can view device data.

Device Management Simplified
NetVu actively manages POSLynx220 series hardware platforms, allowing merchants and their service providers to remotely act on data, resolving problems quickly and cost effectively. In addition, help desk applications can be interfaced to NetVu through standard web services, facilitating enhanced remote support. Management features include asset management and version control, configuration storage, search and download capabilities, and application downloads.

Network and Transaction Alerts
NetVu offers several settings which allow users to customize alerts they wish to receive. Alerts can be received via email, pager or smartphone. Alerts include network downtime and transaction alerts (manual transactions over specified dollar limits, no transactions for specified period of time, batch not closed). Some alerts help maintain and manage transaction processing, while others can alert managers to the possibility of fraud or theft.

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TransNet Secure integrated payment solution for electronic cash registers (ECRs

The NetVu management server ensures that transaction logs, data and PCI compliance status are fully accessible from a standard web browser, placing control of the transaction squarely in the hands of the user and their service providers. TransNet accepts credit, PIN debit, gift and other card transactions from most ECR models, including those most popular in Quick Service Restaurants.


TransNet payment engine delivers secure payment integration for ECRs and POS Systems

For POS application developers who choose TransNet to avoid PA-DSS compliance, there is significant cost savings from eliminating yearly audits and design changes. TransNet's remote monitoring and management capabilities help dealers and ISOs to provide 24/7 support to the merchant without leaving the office. Costly onsite support visits can be eliminated with the NetVu management server available from anywhere on a 24/7 basis.