By: Potentmedia  09-12-2011
Keywords: Emergency Response Services

What is FirstResponder.ca?

FirstResponder.ca is an emergency response services resource management tool with a customizable IVR (interactive voice response) system.

Why FirstResponder.ca?

  • Pagers are one-way communication devices that leave emergency responders wondering if they should wait for additional responders, or "roll" with the resources they have.
  • Even with "two-way" pagers, the overall responding resources are not clear.
  • Incident command sometimes "hopes" that sufficient resources will respond and may or may not alarm additional resources based on this unknown piece of information.
  • Bottom line = Dispatch, Drivers, Command, Officers, Responders have no way of knowing which resources are responding.
  • FirstResponder.ca provides you with this missing piece of information!

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* There is a 2-station, 50-user maximum per district/department.


Keywords: Emergency Response Services