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By: Physiofirst Orthopaedic & Sports Center  09-12-2011
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Treatment Services

Manual therapy is a clinical approach using skilled, hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat joint and soft tissue structures for the purpose of reducing pain and inflammation, increasing movement and restoring tissue extensibility and function.

Mobilization and manipulation techniques are passive movements applied at varying speeds and amplitudes, aimed at restoring full painless joint function.

Active muscle energy techniques use a voluntary contraction of muscles against a controlled counterforce to mobilize joints, lengthen shortened muscles, or reduce edema.

Soft tissue mobilization techniques affect the myofascial system and are used to restore muscle fibre gliding, free fascial restrictions and release trigger points associated with muscle tightness.

Exercise is the foundation of rehabilitation. Each client's needs are identified so that specific exercises can be taught to address their condition. This may include restoring core stability to alleviate back pain, addressing breathing habits and posture, balance, and stretching and strengthening exercises. All of these serve the goal of safely returning patients to their full activities as soon as possible. To this end, PhysioFirst's well equipped gym is used under supervision to promote their recovery.

IMS is the use of acupuncture needles to reduce pain and muscle shortening of a neuropathic origin. The needles can be inserted either into taut bands of muscle tissue or into muscles near the spine where the nerves become irritated and hypersensitive. The goal is to release muscle shortening which will relieve pressure on the nerve, and improve the mechanics of movement.

Taping: "Kinesiotape" offers a new method for managing swelling and pain in acute and chronic injury. This elastic tape doesn't restrict movement. It is applied to injured sites to reduce pain and swelling and to relax overused muscles.

A variety of athletic taping techniques are also used as needed to support soft tissues, enhance stability, or ease tension on nerves.

Electrotherapy is available to assist in reducing inflammation, swelling and pain during the acute, subacute and chronic phases of healing. We offer heat and cold therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, TENS, and Interferential (IFC) therapy.

Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of soft tissue (muscles, tendons and fascia) to alleviate pain and tension that occur there. It stimulates an increase in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissue, and aids the body in removing the metabolic waste from muscle tissue.

Types of Massage

Relaxation Massage has a calming effect on the nervous system, promoting muscle relaxation. It reduces fatigue and aching in muscles, improves circulation and may reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Therapeutic Massage targets a specific injury or pathology. It addresses conditions such as trigger points, scar tissue and adhesions following muscle strains, whiplash injury, or post surgical adhesions. Pain associated with these conditions usually responds positively to therapeutic massage.

Sport Massage enhances athletic performance and decreases recovery time from soft tissue injury and over-use. Pre-event massage prepares the athlete for competition, by dealing with trigger points and stimulating circulation. Post-event massage assists in the drainage of metabolic wastes that may build-up in the tissue, causing muscle soreness post exercise.

Keywords: Manual Therapy, Massage, Massage Therapy

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