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By: Phirelight  09-12-2011
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Phirelight's Strategic Partnerships

On behalf of our customers, Phirelight's strategic partners are partners that Phirelight has researched, validated, and certified as providing solid trustworthy solutions and support to ensure our customers get the full cradle to crave solution.

Phirelight is proud to work with the following partners who share our dedication to delivering the technical expertise and experience to successfully implement information technology security solutions:

Cross Domain Solutions & Multi Level Security ()
  • Accenture CDS Suite
  • Dell | Integrity Global Security
    • Identity & Access Management Solutions ()
      • RSA Securid & Authentication Access
      • aTrust
    • End Point Security & Data Loss/Protection Solutions ()
      • RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite
      • SOPHOS
      • InfoExpress
            • Fraud Protection: Phishing, Trojans, Pharming Solutions
            • Encryption & Key Management Solutions
            • Secure Ruggedized Tablet Solutions

            • AMDAS. The Accenture Multi-Domain Access Solution (formerly MAXIM SENTINEL) provides a single workstation display for multiple independent networks at different sensitivity levels. These Sun Ray Ultra-Thin client machines use “smart cards” for access control and provide multiple MS Windows and UNIX interfaces to a user at their authorized access level and at substantial cost savings over traditional PC environments.
            • AMLAS.  Accenture Multi-Layer Access Solution is a network-based tool that allows software applications to function in a multilevel secure (MLS) environment and also enables data providers to support MLS customers without needing to be MLS aware. Multi-Layer Access Solution provides the ability to take single-level stove-pipe systems at multiple classification levels and turn them into Web-service enabled, cross domain data providers in a Service Oriented Architecture.
            • JCDX. Joint Cross Domain Xchange is DoD´s only comprehensive multi-level C4I system certi­fied to connect to multiple networks at multiple security levels. JCDX serves as the backbone automated information system providing accredited manual and automatic exchange of multilevel Common Operational Picture (COP), e-mail, imagery, and event-by-event data dissemination. The system provides MLS C4I and cross-domain services to U.S. Joint Intelligence Centers and is the national level defense intelligence system for the United Kingdom and Australia.
            • Dell | INTEGRITY Secure Consolidated Client (DISCC). The Dell | INTEGRITY Secure Consolidated Client Solution is composed of Dell™ OptiPlex™ systems with Intel® vPro™ technology, the INTEGRITY-178B Separation Kernel, and a suite of services and support offerings.
            • This solution uses the INTEGRITY separation kernel technology to provide isolation between processing domains on a single physical platform. Each domain consists of a virtual machine and a guest OS, such as Microsoft® Windows®, executing within the virtual machine, and can be set to different security sensitivities. Users can easily toggle between domains with a keystroke.This multiwire solution supports both a thick-client processing (full OS on the client) with direct connectivity to the server environment and simultaneous thin-client processing that enables you to optimize existing server-side virtualization offerings from companies such as VMware or Citrix. You can address requirements for robust desktop capability for one security level or network domain, while providing lighter weight functionality in others.
            • Furthermore, the Dell | INTEGRITY Secure Consolidated Client Solution is designed to plug and go, integrating seamlessly into the existing infrastructure with almost no administration requirements. It also retains the familiarity of the existing user interfaces, so only minimal learning is required of end users and help-desk personnel.
            • The solution is designed to meet stringent requirements used by the US and Canadian governments for data separation. The solution is based on proven technology:
              • INTEGRITY-178B separation kernel — certified by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) to Common Criteria (CC) Evaluation Assurance Level 6+ (EAL6+) and High Robustness
              • Dell OptiPlex platform — a popular and widely used platform in the government

            • FlickerCard is a stand-alone micro-processor based biometric authentication device which provides up to 3-factor authentication of users and the verification of transactions over the Internet without the need for any peripheral installation. FlickerCard and the backend authentication server provide a highly secure means to access systems, applications, and information over a local or wide-area network and the Internet. It also provides users with the ability to become compliant with current and future mandated regulations.

            • SOPHOS offers a single integrated solution for both anti-malware and data protection. A single agent delivers anti-virus and anti-spyware protection, client firewall, data loss prevention (DLP) content monitoring, management of removable storage devices and detects and blocks unauthorized software. Combined with integrated network access control (NAC) and encryption to ensure policy compliance and secure your data, it gives you the best preventive endpoint and data protection, saving you time, money and resources. A single license means you can protect all users and computers across Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX and other non-Windows platforms.

            • InfoExpress provides security solutions that protect enterprise networks and endpoints. The CyberGatekeeper family protects networks by ensuring that endpoints comply with corporate security policies.  Hundreds of security conscious organizations use InfoExpress products to secure their networks. InfoExpress' highly scalable solutions have enabled large scale deployments at Global 1000 companies.

            • BIGFIX is a leading provider of high-performance enterprise systems and security management solutions that revolutionizes the way IT organizations manage and secure their computing infrastructures. Based on a unique architecture that distributes management intelligence directly to the computing devices themselves, BigFix is radically faster, scalable, more accurate and adaptive than legacy management software. From Systems Lifecycle Management, Security & Vulnerability Management to Endpoint Protection, BigFix solutions automate the most labour-intensive IT tasks across the most complex global networks saving organizations significant amounts of time, labour, and expense. BigFix provides real-time visibility and control for millions of globally distributed computing devices.
            • NetIQ´s Security and Compliance Management solution reduces enterprise risk, decreases compliance costs, and increases the security of critical information assets. Intelligent and integrated management of user activity and control of system configuration directly addresses the most significant security problems facing the enterprise. Automating the compliance and security processes reduces costs and helps you more easily protect critical servers, applications and customer data through scalable and streamlined security and compliance programs.

      Keywords: Security

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