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Holistic Health Counselling and Serices from Perfect Balance Holistic Health

By: Perfect Balance Holistic Health  07-10-2010
Keywords: Reflexology, Shiatsu, Relaxation Massage

 At Perfect Balance Holistic Health we believe that achieving vibrant health and improving the quality of your life is a personal balance that includes a healthy body, a content mind and a peaceful spirit.   Each aspect nourishes the others.

Nutritional Analysis along with detailed Urine and Saliva testing is performed to establish patterns for imbalances, to identify digestion and absorption issues, and liver strength for healthy digestion and efficient elimination of toxins. Tests include pH, General Heavy Metal Toxicity, Specific Heavy Metal toxicity, Free Radicals,  Adrenal Function, Thyroid Function, Sulkowitch Calcium Test, and Chemstrip 10P Urine Analysis.

Iridology examinations are often used to identify genetic strengths and weakness and to track recovery during cleansing protocols. Therapies, such as Reflexology, Shiatsu/Acupressure, Massage, Relaxation and Meditation techniques may be recommended as complementary therapies to help open energy channels and balance the mind and spirit. 

Keywords: Iridology, Nutritional Consulting, Reflexology, Relaxation Massage, Shiatsu

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