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By: Perfect Balance Holistic Health  18-10-2012
Keywords: Nutritional Consulting

Health and vitality reflect efficient nutrient absorption. We know that food is rapidly becoming less nutritious as a result of herbicide and pesticide contamination, harvesting before food has ripened, and general farming for high yield instead of high nutrition. It is more important than it has ever been to ensure that our bodies are able to absorb the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals available in order to stay healthy and energetic. At Perfect Balance our primary focus is to improve nutrient absorption so that you can derive maximum benefit from the food that you eat and recommended nutritional supplements. Perhaps you already feel like you are wasting your money on nutritional supplements that do not seem to improving your health. Now is the time to get tested and begin a routine to improve your body chemistry for optimal nutrient absorption, improved energy, and vibrant health! What to expect: Your first appointment typically takes up to 1 1/2 hours. Prior to your appointment you will be asked to fill out a Personal Health History Questionnaire and be given instructions on how to prepare for your visit. The Personal Health History Questionnaire helps you think more deeply about your concerns and helps me identify patterns to identify the likely root of your health concerns. Identifying the root of the problem is important because our goal is not to recommend single solutions for specific problems since this approach would only alleviate symptoms and not heal. It is amazing how often several or all of ones health concerns are related to one common issue. When the common root or issue is identified the path to wellness becomes so much easier! If you feel ready, you will typically start with a detoxification protocol. You can expect to feel more energized within a couple of weeks. If you are not quite ready to make the leap that`s OK! Instead I will recommend solutions to help alleviate your complaints and prepare you physically and physiologically for the next step. This is not meant to make this sound scary or overwhelming. A detoxification protocol can be challenging for the first few days while you get used to the changes. You will likely quickly begin to feel more energetic and then it is smooth sailing. Timing is everything and if you are not ready it’s OK. We will get you there and you will feel positive changes on the way!

Keywords: Nutritional Consulting

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