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By: Pachira  09-12-2011
Keywords: Licensing, patents, semiconductor

What are valuable patents? These are patents that claim the technologies that are used to produce products. In the microelectronic and semiconductor industry, thousands of patents are being used without their owner's knowledge or awareness. Often these patent owners don't know where to start to investigate or how to find infringement. It's not an easy task. Learn how Pachira's expertise can help you.

  • You are a company with your own semiconductor and microelectronics technology. You have valuable patents.
  • You are an inventor who owns potentially valuable patents.
  • You are a company that has changed business strategies. You want to get some returns from your orphaned patent portfolios.

    Pachira will create a licensing program for you to generate revenue from your patents. Starting with your patent portfolio, we will find the valuable semiconductor and microelectronics patents and we will develop evidence of use to show the value your technology provides. Pachira will then negotiate licenses with the companies that are using your technology.

    We find evidence, create a case and then license the patents on behalf of our clients.
  • Pachira enters every negotiation with proof of infringement. We set settlement targets at levels supported by infringer's revenues and at reasonable, industry competitive royalty rates.
  • We're focused on your success; we work exclusively on a contingency or shared risk basis.
  • We can find proof of infringement when others can't. Why? Our team of experts analyzes thousands of semiconductor and microelectronics devices every year. We see everything on the market.
  • We know patents and we have the key skills and relationships required to manage and execute a successful licensing program.
    We have the technical, licensing and legal teams in place. We are ready to work with you now.


will work with you to create revenue from your patent portfolio.

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Keywords: Licensing, Microelectronics, patents, semiconductor, Semiconductor And Microelectronics, Valuable Patents,