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By: Oxfam International  09-12-2011

Donor government negotiators are considering scrapping the global aid monitoring system that keeps donors honest and improves the quality of their foreign assistance, Oxfam warns.
Ahead of a high level Global Partnership for Education (GPE) meeting in Copenhagen today, Oxfam has called for rich country donors and the World Bank to put money on the table for basic education.
“Food, funds, inequality” issues will test G20 leaders’ ability to transform the global economy. The 2011 G20 Summit could be a watershed for global stability and prosperity if leaders rise above a narrow vision of self-interest and act decisively for the world’s poorest citizens.
As the forum of Foreign Affairs ministers starts today at the African Union Summit in Malabo, Oxfam called on ministers to ensure the main theme of this summit, “Accelerating Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development,” is not forgotten.
A European tax on financial transactions would be fair, practical and popular and could raise as much as €210 billion to tackle poverty and climate change, according to Oxfam's new report.
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