OTTAWA VALLEY REIKI Launches New Website For Reiki Classes & Reiki Services in Ottawa

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Ottawa Valley Reiki is a teaching practice,dedicated to giving not only a safe space for healing and nurturing the self but also a comprehensive, grounded, practical approach to teaching Reiki. We have a variety of Ottawa Reiki Classes for everyone from the beginner to the more advanced student. Our broad range of healing and coaching services can be tailored to suit individual needs. Looking for a Reiki Master in Ottawa? Samantha has been an avid advocate and practitioner of alternative therapies for the past 15 years. An experienced Ottawa Reiki Master Teacher (Ascended), spiritual coach facilitator and gifted Intuitive, Samantha has integrated her love of Reiki, coaching and facilitation to provide energized, grounded, empathic learning and healing experiences. Are you looking to take Reiki Classes in Ottawa? Ottawa Valley Reiki offers a variety of Reiki Classes for beginenrs up to Reiki Master Level. Check : . First degree Reiki opens the student to the gentle healing of the Reiki energy.It gives the student the ability to channel the Reiki energies to heal themselves and others. It also helps the student to focus, increase their energy and intuitive abilities , and promote restful sleep . Second Degree Reiki introduces new tools that impact your abilities as a practitioner. These tools give you greater focus and more ways to channel and connect with the Reiki energies. Second degree also helps to broaden and deepen your intuitive core and become more connected to the subtle helper energies that surround us all. Third Degree Reiki is an intensive course that effectively quickens your abilities for healing, both on a personal level and with others.It includes two different healing attunements from the Radiance Technique and the William Rand Technique. These four and six symbol healing attunements are instrumental in both personal work and work with others. A few of the benefits are; releasing core beliefs that are no longer useful,removal of stubborn energetic blocks, aligning your goals and aspirations to your souls purpose and attracting resources to match dreams and desires. The Reiki Masters Degree is a firm commitment to your Reiki Path. Its purpose is to immerse you into the calling of the Master/Teacher .This intensive course will prepare you to be a Reiki Master/Teacher and give you the instruction on how to teach Reiki and pass the degree attunements to others. Going through the process of becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher is an intense healing experience on a very personal level bringing balance on all levels into your life. Graduation from class does not close the chapter on learning Reiki, Reiki becomes an intricate part of your life and learning more about Reiki will continue through-out your lifetime. Samantha welcomes all inquiries and requests for initial consults before scheduling first treatments. Check out our website at for more details.

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