OIES offers mold removal, mold testing, and air quality assessment services

By: Oies  09-12-2011
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A healthy indoor environment
means a healthy body, and a stress free mind.

Mold Inspections - (Perfect for home owners or potential buyers)
Our technicians use non-destructive methods to look for signs of moisture and water intrusion when trying to determine if a mold problem exists. In some cases accessing wall cavities is advisable to ensure mold contamination is not present. All of our mold inspections include a comprehensive report outlining the findings of the property visit.Mold Testing/Air Quality Assessments - (Supplementary to our Mold Inspections)
Testing can be used to verify mould contamination, and sometimes to determine the possibility of hidden mould problems. We specialize in the collection of Bio-tape, Bulk, Swab, and Air samples. All samples are analysed by a third party AIHA certified independant lab. Mold Assessments - (Ideal for Floods, Grow-ops, and Commercial Buildings)
Our assessments are perfect for determining the extent of the mold contamination, and for providing an outline for a proper mold remediation process. We also conduct Post-Remediation Verifications(PRV) to confirm project completeness.Mold Remediation/Mold Removal - (Call us for a free estimate!)
We provide remediation services for all small and lage scale mold problems. Give us a call and let us do it right the first time. We are also happy to review and beat the estimates of our competitors!

Contact Information:

Ottawa Indoor Environmental Services Ltd.

745A Springland Drive
Ottawa, ON, K1V 6L9Tel. 1.888.762.2550
Tel.   613.366.5226
Fax. 888.762.2550

Mold Prevention Tips:

1. Humidity levels should be below 60% in the summer and 50% in the winter. 2. Make sure that building materials are dried within 24-48 hours of any flooding or leaks. 3. Ensure that bathrooms have a properly working fan to help with condensation.4. Maintain Proper ventilation in your attic to help prevent moisture issues.


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