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By: Ofc Music  09-12-2011

Ottawa Folklore Centre » Legal stuff

At the Ottawa Folklore Centre, our knowledgeable staff, competitive prices, and friendly environment all add up to an unsurpassed musical experience. One of the aspects of our retail section of which we are particularly proud is our comprehensive one-year service warranty. When you purchase a ‘protected’ instrument at the OFC, your relationship with us is just beginning.

You can feel secure that your instrument purchase is covered by our warranty and we feel good knowing that we’ve just sold you an instrument that is GUARANTEED not only to be playable but enjoyable for years to come. We refer to our instruments under warranty as ‘protected’ because that’s exactly what they are. The OFC service warranty covers all adjustments needed to maintain the instrument in its best possible playing condition. Included in the stringed instrument warranty is an initial full setup from our resident luthier and technician extraordinaire Brian Dubbeldam. Brian will adjust your instrument’s neck, calibrate the frets (if applicable), personalize the action (ease of playing) and ensure that your instrument is in optimal playing condition when you purchase it.

We believe that all of our ‘protected’ instruments should be in optimal playing shape at the time of purchase. Don’t like the setup? We’ll adjust it to suit your particular playing style right away or anytime during the first year that you own the instrument. We will work with you to get it just right.

To ensure that your instrument is being properly cared for, the Ottawa Folklore Centre wishes to follow up on all of our ‘protected’ instruments. We encourage you to bring your instrument to us twice during the one-year period for a FREE inspection. We’ll do a detailed check of the instrument to ensure that it has remained in top playing condition. Adjustments will be made where deemed necessary, usually within 24 hours.

Manufacturer’s warranties last for varying periods of time and cover an array of defects. The OFC will assist you in dealing with the manufacturer should a defect present itself covered within the manufacturer’s warranty. All you have to do is bring in the instrument, show us the problem and we’ll work with you to a resolution.

The Ottawa Folklore Centre is recognized for selling instruments in a knowledgeable, competitive and responsible way, a reputation earned during over thirty years of dedicated business. The relationship we have established in our local community and communities worldwide is essential to our continued success. We see our service as the pinnacle of our commitment to you, our loyal customer.

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As a child she started playing recorder, organ, and guitar, and by 12 she was composing music and writing poetic lyrics for her songs. Fascinated by harmonies, she taught herself by playing music, recording it, and playing over it. Alicia Borisonik was born in 1965 in the Argentinean province Buenos Aires.


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