THE System for Health Restoration

By: Novalis Integra  09-12-2011
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could wave a magic wand and jump start a health and life makeover.

Cut Through The Confusion

How do you sift through the mounds of information you come across in your quest for a better life? It’s overwhelming.

That because one size simply doesn’t fit all. You are unique and so are your solutions.

To help you and the many who, like you, want to finally do something and see results, we have created a new groundbreaking systemhealth restoration system that eliminates all that guesswork.

And not only that, we also help you save time and money and achieve the amazing results you deserve.

If you want to achieve amazing results you need to know:

Where you are

A full assessment of your present state of health and your life situation will give you an idea of what’s in need of repair and rejuvenation.

We will note all significant factors in your life including your strengths and weakness.

You will get a full picture of your most significant physical, mental and emotional themes, including core beliefs, hereditary tendencies and blockages in energy flow in the body.

What results you are looking for

Depending on exactly what you want to accomplish, one approach will give the desired results faster and better than another.

Knowing the difference is crucial when deciding which approach to use. In other words we have to identify clearly the problem or the goal and only then can we match if to a solution.

So what is your goal? Setting goal helps you select the best strategy to achieve it.

Working together we will set goals for physical health, mental and emotional comfort, and for spiritual enlightenment. And … of course it’s critical to know what your passions in life are.

Your strategy for transformation

We use our expertise to sort through the possible solutions and prioritize the best choices for you based on your past history and present issues.

We place you on the map of your life and then we chart the best route for your journey, noting where you need to make changes first.

We support you to take action with awareness and understanding

We consider awareness a major requirement for full healing and transformation. Without the understanding of what is happening to us, without a context for the changes we will go through in life, we run the risk of misinterpreting.

We will explain the effectiveness of various supplements and therapies, so you are assured of timely and complete results.

For example, if you can’t understand why your weight won’t come off, even though you’re eating a healthy diet, we check your emotional stressors and see which ones are related to your weight issue.

In fact, one of the major problems in health care today is lack of informed choice.

And the second major problem is the lack of understanding that people have about their own process of transformation. Too often, positive change is mistaken for a problem, or it is missed altogether.

Failure to see what is happening to us objectively is the cause for major panic, impulsive decisions and the main cause of non-clinical depression.

This is why, at all times we offer a context for the changes you will experience so you can monitor your progress with intelligence, and not wonder what is going on.

We Know You’re On The Go ….

So our services are designed to fit your busy schedule. We conduct your Consultation sessions by phone so you can be in the comfort of your own home.

Or you can choose to meet with us in person at the Novalis Integra Center for Healing and Transformation.

We provide services anywhere around the globe!

Keywords: healing

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Now I’ve put all this knowledge together in order to see the bigger picture and to help you improve the quality of your life. I am opening a porthole for those who are ready to embrace more knowledge and holistic options on the following subjects. I’ve been sifting and sorting to find the golden nuggets in every aspect of health and healing.