Executive Dashboard and Business Scorecard ~ non-linear creations

By: Nonlinear  09-12-2011

Transform information into a competitive advantage 

Today’s competitive landscape demands that you seek out better ways to manage and monitor your data and information assets, turning it into actionable business intelligence (BI). However, quite often the seamless flow of data is inhibited by information silos, redundancy and ineffective or suspect reporting solutions.

Without a pro-active BI strategy in place, the sheer volume of data makes it impossible to draw meaningful, actionable conclusions. NLC’s executive dashboards and business scorecards give our customers a competitive advantage, providing the tools you need to quickly respond to changing market conditions. These powerful tools draw from existing line-of-business data to help decision-makers monitor key performance indicators, in real time.

At NLC, we build BI software solutions to: 
  • Provide rapid delivery of intelligent, relevant information to improve the speed and quality of decision-making
  • Better understand customer needs and build capacity for market responsiveness
  • Gauge the effect of pricing and promotions
  • Target customer segments accurately and develop effective marketing strategies
  • Analyze the performance of any operational process
  • Support financial planners with immediate access to real-time data
  • Assess the value of market segments and individual customers


Business intelligence solutions are only as good as the user interfaces that support them.  They depend on functionality that provides visual access to the data.  Dashboards allow managers to monitor departments and key metrics without having to request a report whenever data is required.

Key benefits:
  • Performance measures are represented visually
  • Negative trend detection enables speedy resolution
  • More accurate, up-to-the-minute data for informed decision-making
  • Managers and executives can easily spot efficiencies and inefficiencies
  • Early identification of new trends
  • Key data to be displayed from multiple reports
  • Easy to monitor corporate strategies and goals


Reporting has been around for decades. It has traditionally been paper-based and used throughout the information age as a way for management to understand their business. If you combine reporting with BI technology, you get:

  • A consistent data-set across the entire organization
  • Fast access and querying, compared with more traditional delayed reporting
  • Complex graphical representations of data
  • Interactivity that allows jumping and drilling-down on particular parts of a report
  • An interface that allows less skilled, non-technical employees to generate custom reports

With over fifteen years experience and hundreds of customer engagements, NLC can provide you with unparalleled knowledge of the challenges and critical success factors involved in building, analyzing and managing business intelligence across a variety of industries and business applications.

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