By: NMG Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: Intellectual Property, organisational effectiveness


NMG’s strategy practice works with financial institutions faced with ‘fork in the road’ decisions around where and how to compete. While every project is different, most engagements involve working with clients to:

  • Identify new markets and develop market entry strategy
  • Improve competitive positioning and business performance
  • Optimise portfolio composition and management
  • Execute mergers, acquisitions and alliances
  • Enhance risk management

Clients seek our help on complex problems that require an external perspective or specific in-market expertise. This has shaped our approach to strategy consulting:

  • We embrace complexity; we do not use standard frameworks or methodologies to simplify genuinely difficult issues
  • Our consultants are specialists focused solely on the insurance and investments sectors and working across multiple geographies
  • Within our strategy practice we invest heavily to build intellectual property around organisational effectiveness and business economics
  • We also work closely with the other NMG Consulting practices and with NMG Benefits, leveraging their insights and experience particularly around demand drivers and competitive dynamics

Between our extensive project experience, proprietary research and analysis and the resources of the broader NMG Group (a combination we refer to as our ‘information advantage’), we are able to significantly reduce project timelines and improve the quality and clarity of client decisions. 

Whether considering entering a new geography or expanding into a new customer segment or channel, there are many challenges to address.

We can help clients understand market size and segmentation, profitability and competitive dynamics, to identify the key success factors and risks and to identify and implement the right market strategy.

Whether turning round a faltering business unit or optimising a successful one, institutions may seek external support to identify the root causes of underperformance and devise the most effective response.

Together with our Insights practice we can help clients:

  • Analyse objectively their competitive positioning and capability gaps
  • Identify truly profitable intermediary and consumer segments
  • Understand consumer needs
  • Respond appropriately to regulatory change
  • Ultimately, identify the most important levers and quantify the benefits of various strategic options

The larger the organisation the harder it can be to prioritise opportunities and to allocate investment and resource allocations across markets, functions and organisational units.

Utilising our proprietary analysis of market economics and competitive positioning, we help our clients to understand which business units are creating value and which are destroying it, where to invest and how to measure success. At the extreme, we can also help to build the economic rationale for portfolio re-organisation or divestment.

Mergers and acquisitions are powerful tools supporting market entry or portfolio optimisation, yet it is accepted that few transactions ultimately create value.

We can help clients evaluate alternative execution paths. Where M&A is the preferred path we can help with target selection and due diligence through to valuation, to integration planning and execution.

In addition we have helped many providers look to alternative routes of distribution via affinity and strategic partnerships which have become a core component of a multi-channel strategy.

Keywords: Intellectual Property, organisational effectiveness

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insights programmes

Because the programmes focus on important and influential clients, and on the quality factors that ultimately drive changes in their business allocations, Insights Programmes provide a lead indicator of competitive success. Each programme is based on an annual cycle of structured interviews with key clients to examine segment attractiveness, competitive dynamics, buyer values and company performance.



The result of any premium rating exercise should ultimately provide appropriate tools to underwriters that allow them to determine the technical price for an individual risk as well being able to respond to competitive pressure in the market-place. NMG has been performing actuarial work for almost two decades and as a testament to the quality of the work performed, has repeat customers and relationships stretching back to the very beginning.