NGRAIN Producer Pro

By: NGRAIN  15-05-2014
Keywords: Interactive 3d

Here’s how NGRAIN Producer Pro works: Import your 3D content NGRAIN: Producer Pro makes it easy to bring 3D geometric content from just about any DCC and CAD format available, including Autodesk MAX, Maya, Cinema4D, SketchUp, VRML2, and point cloud. Overlay reference content and context: Your 3D content can be linked to technical documentation, reference materials, illustrations, procedural data, animations, audio, and video that can be called up by users on demand. Review your content, data links, and media: Test, visualize, and update your content, all from a single integrated view. Visualize your data in real- time, and playback procedures, audio, and animations before deploying it to your audience. Push your content out for deployment: With a single click, you can publish your content to desktops, mobile devices, and cloud infrastructures. Your content works across all devices automatically – no additional effort required!

Keywords: Interactive 3d

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NGRAIN Augmented Reality

NGRAIN Augmented Reality enables you to reuse your existing 3D models to generate AR content and experiences at the push of a button. NGRAIN Augmented Reality’s repeatable, automated process not only removes many of the technical barriers to generating enterprise AR experiences, but it also enhances realism, increases scalability, and accelerates 3D content development and re-use.