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By: Neuma Technologies  09-12-2011
Keywords: Software Development, Software Development Lifecycle

Neuma Solutions:
Automate your software development lifecycle

In these fiercely competitive times, the pressure is on teams developing mission-critical software products. You must deliver high-quality products, cost-effectively and in record time. Both you and your products must out-perform the competition.

Neuma's customers, regardless of industry focus, are driven by these business goals:

  1. Reduce development cycle times
  2. Improve the Quality of their Software and System deliverables
  3. Focus on their core activity, not on process and tool support
  4. Replace their in-house management tools
  5. Eliminate the costs of maintaining the integration of multiple tools

Reduce Development Cycle Times

CM+ is the best solution for iterative development lifecycles, which are critical for rapid development. With integral change management, true parallel stream development and full build, baseline and release tracking, CM+ eliminates the tedious and error prone work of branching, merging and labelling configurations.

Improving the Quality of Your Deliverables

CM+ provides the foundation for your quality management system and gives you the quickest path to CMM certification or ISO registration. As a truly integrated solution, CM+ provides full traceability between the information elements critical for ensuring quality. Each build references not just the new source code versions but also the submitted changes packages, fixed problems, completed activities and covered requirements.

Your quality processes and work instructions are easily mapped to CM+. Start in minutes with the default system and add process elements over time until CM+ is uniquely configured to your requirements. Eliminate manual process steps, enforce completion and approval steps and automate report generation. Protect your organization from the loss of key personnel by capturing and documenting your quality system inside CM+.

Minimizing Process and Tool Support

How much time and money are you wasting administering your SCM solution and managing your process? Although highly scalable and capable, CM+ is a small footprint, near-zero administration system with a built in process model that generates a cost reduction at every SCM system tier, freeing up your resources to focus on revenue generating work.

  • achieve the same levels of performance and scalability on cheaper hardware
  • eliminate the entire third party database tier and the hardware required to run it
  • eliminate the overhead associated with distributing and load balancing object databases across multiple servers
  • simplify your backup and data recovery strategy
  • avoid having to re-synchronize and re-test your solution with every upgrade from one individual vendor
  • deploy a unified process instantly to all users; no islands of data, manual steps or tool glue

Migrating from Legacy Tools

If your first generation (Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe®, Serena® Professional) or second generation (IBM® ClearCase®) SCM tool is slowing down your development team then it's time to upgrade to a third generation solution. CM+ adds numerous features while at the same time reducing your annual cost of ownership, allowing you to recover the investment you made in your legacy system.

CM+ can be deployed in minutes to all your users from any central server, providing the same user interface regardless of platform. Designers can be trained in half a day, less if they currently use an SCC compliant IDE. Basic problem tracking and change control training can also be provided in a half day. Your code base can be rapidly bulk-loaded from known baselines, and through a powerful scripting capability, your process metadata and legacy information elements can be loaded from their various sources.

Getting Rid of Tool Glue

Many organizations deploy a variety of point solutions, each covering only part of their overall SCM/PM requirement. This results in islands of data connected only by custom developed scripts and manual synchronization steps (glue). CM+ consolidates your mission-critical information elements into a single system, obviating the need for tool glue and ensuring data integrity. Data are immediately accessible to all stakeholders. Rather than wasting time synchronizing data, your team members can now use their time to advance the development schedule (for example, fixing the problems that were missed in the last build).

Your team of in-house application developers can also be assigned to revenue generating work rather than tool support and your professional services budget can be reduced to zero.

Keywords: Software Development, Software Development Lifecycle

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