Technical Marketing

By: Nervewerx  11-11-2010
Keywords: Online Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

Give your technical spec sheet, website, or trade directory listing a quick once-over. Does the word “solution” appear? Repeatedly?

What about your company tag line? Does it boast you’re “the leader in…” whatever you think you’re the leader in?

Here’s a quick lesson in self-promotion. Entrepreneurial tech companies that claim to be the leader in anything usually aren’t. And solutions? These are products you can’t describe with other, more explicit words. Your prospects know this. You should too.

Don’t fall prey to technical-marketing baloney.

Nervewerx markets to your buyers, not your salespeople.

We specialize in clear, meaningful language. We know how to underscore your product’s benefits and entice prospects to learn more. We do this online, in print, and in person.

Our knowledge comes from decades of hands-on experience in Ottawa’s entrepreneurial tech sector. We’ve marketed enterprise software, VoIP hardware, card identity systems, server-side analytics, optical communications and commercial lasers, and shave cream. Yes, shave cream. Long story.

More to the point, we do it without baloney. We call it the no-solution solution. You can call it the most direct route between you and your customers.

Technical Marketing: Online Services

- Market research and customer segmentation
- Marketing plan development
- Landing page design
- Pay-per-click advertising (SEM)
- Web content and metadata search optimization (SEO)
- Vertical search marketing
- Online presence and brand management
- Branded Android apps
- Mobile content rendering and QR-codes
- Strategic social networking
- Facebook fan page development
- Blogging, microblogging, syndication, and backlinking
- Direct email marketing
- Advanced web analytics interpretation and reporting
- Advanced social media analytics reporting

Technical Marketing: Print Services
- Content development
- Stock and custom photography
- Vector illustrations
- Page layout and design
- Printing coordination
- Print mechanicals production
- Folder and product kitting
- Direct mail marketing coordination
- Ad rate negotiations and placement

Technical Marketing: Events Services
- Event strategies and concepts
- Exhibit design and construction coordination
- Location scouting, venue negotiation, and permitting
- Contest development and creative promotions
- PowerPoint presentations
- Event analytics reporting

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