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By: Myexm  09-12-2011

Do you want to get fitter and stay fit even though you have no special commitment to any particular sport? There is a proven way: with MyEXM.

By starting now MyEXM can tailor a program to meet your current fitness level and progress you through to your ultimate goals. Because you start training correctly- together with the support and encouragement of MyEXM accessible 24/7 online, you will see success earlier.

MyEXM will take you through a gradual step-by-step program to achieve improvement of your fitness level. With an individually designed program that is adjusted monthly you'll benefit from gradual, tangible improvement- especially because you have MyEXM monitoring your progress and guiding you towards your specific goals through our ongoing online coaching service.

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That's why you will benefit from the MyEXM's comprehensive knowledge in the applied physiology of exercise, in strength training, in flexibility, in improvement of cardio respiratory fitness, in maintenance of body composition and in weight control and nutrition. An effective training and conditioning program is crucial to safeguard you against injury in amateur competition.


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No matter which fitness goal you have in mind, at MyEXM we believe that a well-balanced training program combines aerobic strength training and flexibility conditioning so that your muscles get strong and remain strong. If you are a professional athlete, MyEXM can provide you with a month-by-month, custom-made and individually designed program to enable you to peak for your competitions and reach your personal goals.


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Walking can have an impact on cardiovascular fitness; the use of aerobic machines may provide an increase in workload over time without the impact on joints; and resistance exercise can be helpful using such equipment as Thera-bands and rubber tubing. Fortunately, by joining MyEXM, you don't have to do vigorous, strenuous exercise that leaves you totally breathless and exhausted.