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Montessori Early Years


     Our mission at mey is to offer the highest quality advice, materials, and opportunities for parents, schools, and organizations to provide 0-6 year old children with optimal educational and developmental experiences based on Montessori principles.

mey  offers a variety of home services and packages designed to help you set up your home in a way that will provide many benefits for your child and yourself.  We also offer a variety of services for schools and organizations - providing pedagogical guidance, creating Montessori environments, evaluation of student teachers, etc.


Home Set-up using Montessori Principles

     Practical advice on how to set up your home Montessori style so that your child will gain confidence, independence, and positive self-esteem.

  • This will not only benefit all children but will also be of great value for those who are attending or planning to attend a Montessori school, other private school, public school, or home school.    

What is Montessori?  Insights into helping your child

     A series of discussions, PowerPoint presentation, and videos covering a variety of topics, including information on child development, early childhood education, and practical suggestions and materials for use in the home.  Available for individuals and groups.

  • Montessori principles - what are they? - what can they do for your child?
  • Child development - know your child!  Information on how your child develops and what he or she can do at various ages: Birth to 2 months;  2-6 months; crawling-walking (6-12 months); and toddlers (12-36 months)
  • Montessori home environment - how you can foster your child's development
  • Activities for your child's development and interest - practical suggestions and a range of materials for purchase

Materials                                              2 months - 6 years old

     Developmental materials for infants, toddlers and young children designed to aid gross-motor, fine-motor and language skills, while offering opportunities for repetition, lengthening concentration, gaining confidence and independence.

  • We also carry a selection of furniture suitable for young children.

Mastering the Fundamentals!

     What every parent wants to know!!  Advice on how to help your child:

  • Toilet learning
  • Eating
  • Sleeping

Help your Child Learn to Read                2 - 6 year olds

     Individual tuition for children using materials that will help them master reading skills and advice for parents on how to help them

  • Half hour or one hour sessions
  • Series of 10 one hour sessions

Montessori Math                                            3 - 6 year olds

     Developing math skills with concrete materials following a Montessori curriculum.

Camp at Home!                                               2 - 6 year olds

     Have fun with seasonal camp activities in your home for your child and friends.  Camps available on a variety of topics - contact us for details and suggestions.  Can be adapted for birthdays and other occasions.

Music Time          45 min for 2 & 3 yr      1 hour for 3 - 5 yr      

     Music Time in your home for your child and some friends with a Montessori and Kindermusik trained teacher.


     Register your child's birthday wishes with mey


      Register your child's Christmas wishes with mey


  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Celebrations
  • Baby Showers
  • Mothers Day & Fathers Day

PERSONALIZED PACKAGES - for Individuals and Groups

     Consultation for general or specific needs and interests - please contact us to discuss your personal or group package.


     Our materials and activities are complementary for home based learners.


     mey offers a variety of services for pre-schools, schools, and organizations:

  • Montessori methods and philosophy
  • pedagogical matters
  • school organization
  • materials
  • creating Infant and Toddler environments
  • mentoring young teachers
  • we carry out evaluations of student teachers (Assistance to Infants level) for the AMI Institute in Denver
  • PD day workshops
  • pre-admission services: opportunity for parents and children to become familiar with the Montessori approach and principles before admission to the school.  Also suitable for families on waiting lists.

Keywords: school

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