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By: Momentum  09-12-2011

We build web sites and web applications that people love to use. Typical projects include interactive social sites, ecommerce sites, and media-rich content sites. All of our sites include advanced back-end content management, user/role management, and will also include any additional complex functions you may need to support your goals. All Bluespark Labs sites are search engine optimized, user friendly, and are built to enhance and support your brand. We are a complete and well-rounded technology design and development company, so we can support any digital initiative. The services we provide include:

Strategic Research

We help assess feasibility, functionality and resource expectations in order to focus you and the development team on building the right site or app that meets your goal. We take into consideration your intended audience, purpose, usability factors, success metrics, and integrated communications planning.

Technology Development

Bluespark's technology research and development lab brings together technical skill and software development process to build web communication and web app projects using accepted web technology standards. We also specialize in Drupal-based systems. We offer full Drupal site builds and can also design and develop custom modules.

User Experience Design

Bluespark's user experience (UX) professionals design workflows, wireframes, and models that enable the user's interaction, perception, and overall experience with the project. Our UX team work closely with our User Interface (UI) team to build and express the design of the project in a way that supports your brand and enhances the user experience, creating a compelling interactive product.

Post Launch Support

After your site is launched, we handle technical support, core & module upgrades, site extensions, and modifications.

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Plan B: Drupal Rescue Services

Further, many of these developers don't adhere to standards, and while well-intentioned, they don't always have the skills and expertise to deliver the full value of a well-built Drupal site. Our experts will assess the trouble and give you a frank and honest report on what we find and what we can do to put the site into full, stable, operational mode.