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Cloth Diapers from MiniMaestro

By: MiniMaestro  10-12-2010
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The MiniMaestro pocket diaper concept has several advantages over other kinds of cloth diapers. It allows to control the absorption level on demand by adding more or less inserts in the pocket. The standard insert yields adequate absorption during the day and a trimmer fit. More layers can be added for naps, nights or longer trips.

Adjustment of the diaper is done using hooks and loops (Velcro type) which is more precise than snaps. The larger front band allows adjusting the height of the waist. Soft elastics in the back and around the tights hold everything in place without leaving red marks on baby's skin. The long and thin tabs fold on themselves to avoid scratching baby during diaper changes. They also prevent the velcro entanglement in the washing machine.

The outer shell is made of extensible water proof fabric while the inside layer in micro fleece keeps the moisture away from baby's skin.

MiniMaestro inserts are made of one (1) microfiber layer between two (2) bamboo fleece layers. The combination of synthetic and natural fibers of the insert absorbs up to ten (10) times its weight very quickly and retains liquids while under moderate compression. Moreover, bamboo is environmentally friendly and it has antibacterial properties.

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