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By: Mediphan  09-12-2011

Mediphan: Telemedicine solutions for the medical industry

Industry Overview: What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine (sometimes referred to as Telehealth) is a rapidly growing branch of clinical medicine where through the application of technology, medical information is transferred for the purpose of assisting medical examinations and/or procedures.The modern equivalent of in absentia care, breakthroughs in technology have replaced the postal service, two-way radios and smoke signals as the next generation in providing quality patient care from a distance.

There are three generally accepted categories within the Telemedicine ecosystem: Store-and-Forward, Interactive, and Remote Monitoring.

Mediphan's products span all three categories.


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MEDIPHAN | Diagnostic Image Capture - products

Is ideal for interactive telemedicine applications where a video signal needs to be broadcasted to a remote location.If your application involves store and forward telemedicine, is able to capture, record and archive the monitor output of virtually any medical device in full resolution and quality.