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By: Meadowlark Optics  09-12-2011
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Circular polarizers transmit either left-circular or right-circular polarized light for an input beam of any polarization state.

When circularly polarized light is reflected, its propagation direction reverses, changing left-circular polarization to right-circular polarization and vice versa. Therefore, the same polarizer that produces circular polarization of the incident beam will block the return beam with an isolation of at least 99.8 percent.

Achieving optical isolation using Meadowlark’s circular polarizers requires that a given reflection be specular and that there is no medium intervening between the reflector and optical isolator to cause significant depolarization or polarization modification. Please explore our 2 designs of circular polarizers and isolators from the navigation bar at the right of your screen.

Our circular polarizers, which also function as isolators, transmit left- or right-circular polarized light for an input beam of any polarization state.

Keywords: Circular Polarizers, Navigation Bar,

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