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By: Mdr Associates  09-12-2011
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Mediation Services

Each conflict is different, and each requires a tailored approach. Our clients benefit from three tried-and-true mediation approaches:

Session-by-Session Mediation
This type of mediation is a series of appointments which last 2-3 hours each, when a single session may not be enough. It gives the parties some time between sessions to reflect on the discussion, and test temporary agreements.

Single Session Mediation
Here, clients attend a one half or full-day session to try to resolve their dispute. Quite often, clients attend these sessions with their advisors or counsel.

In co-mediation, two mediators work together as a team when there is intense conflict between the parties, or where the situation requires a specific approach, like gender or cultural diversity.

Every mediation is unique.

Pre-Mediation Analysis
MDR mediators take the time to consult with the parties to obtain a good understanding of the dispute. We then develop a mediation approach that responds to the needs of the parties.

Pre-Mediation and Negotiation Coaching
We offer two-hour sessions to assist clients in learning how to manage conflict and how to communicate and negotiate effectively, particularly in stressful situations. Parties will be more prepared, confident and effective, whether in a negotiation, mediation, or other process.

Other Dispute Resolution Services

MDR Associates will decide any issue parties choose to put before an arbitration. While the decision is binding, parties can determine if it can be appealed. Arbitrations are conducted in an efficient and cost effective way, and decisions are rendered promptly.

Costs are discussed during the consultation session. Fees are charrged on an hourly or daily basis. Parties provide an initial deposit, and, if they decide not to continue with the mediation process, any unused deposit will be returned.

Dispute Resolution Diagnostic and System Design
MDR Associates will examine and assess an organization's current dispute resolution systems to determine how best either to correct or to enhance it.

Based on a review and a conflict diagnostic of the workplace or organization we help clients design a system for resolving conflict which best suits their needs. We can then help implement that system, using a tailored approach, ranging from a single intervention such as a mediation, to a series of interventions, coaching, training, and educational workshops.

MDR Associates will design, develop and deliver professional training in negotiation, mediation, facilitation, conflict analysis, and dispute resolution system design.

Our customized programs meet the unique needs of our clients and help develop intra-organizational skills to enhance the organization's internal conflict management capacity. Following program delivery, we provide ongoing client support to foster continued conflict management skills development in the workplace or organization.

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MDR Associates also offer one-on-one coaching sessions for people seeking to sharpen their conflict intervention and resolution skills.

Keywords: Dispute Resolution, mediation, Parties, system design