Maranova Resources Corporation

By: Maranova  09-12-2011

Our services are supported by our team's growing skill set. Each of our employee-partners brings more than experience and expertise to the table; like building blocks they build upon each other in a synergistic approach.

Woven throughout our practices is an inherent sense of professionalism. In today's business venues, a new paradigm is revealing itself through companies that practice professional conduct both in business and societal aspects. Professionalism is the expertness characteristic of a vocation.

The professional attributes associated with each profession we offer contain 5 elements that we use routinely as part of our service.

National Body Further develops the profession, and speaks for all members.
Code of Ethics Provides reference to ethical conduct.
Research Practices applied research.
Knowledge Base Defined body of knowledge that disseminates knowledge.
Credentialing Established professional standards.

Here is where we practice professionalism: