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By: Magenta Research  09-12-2011

The Mondo TC touch-screen controller is a simple yet effective way to control a Mondo Matrix crosspoint switch. The unit mounts in 3U of rack space (typically right above the master chassis of a Mondo) and lets users route signals using a 7-inch, 800x480 resolution touch-screen.

Setup is as easy as powering the TC unit and connecting to a Mondo's RS-232 port—that's it! From there the Mondo TC will self-configure to your Mondo. Users can custom label all inputs and outputs, switch audio and/or serial (4th pair) independently of video, setup and save routing configurations and even customize the background of the TC to their liking.

Integrators, if your end user needs a simple and cost-effective way to control a Mondo-based system, look no further than the Mondo TC.

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The 328 foot reach of HD-One DX is also impossible to replicate using HDMI cables, which are difficult to terminate, costly and can degrade picture quality, even at short distances. UTP cable is inexpensive and easy to terminate in the field, making HD-One products an easy decision for extending a HDMI or DVI source to any display.


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Magenta’s USB Link II kit allows users to power up to four USB 2.0 devices over a distance of 492 feet (150 meters) using a single UTP cable. Unit ships as a kit with a universal power supply and a USB type A/B cable to connect the USB II transmitter to a source. Magenta Research does not guarantee that all full speed USB devices are compatible with the USB Link II.


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Building on the incredible success of the Mondo Matrix II, Magenta’s Mondo Matrix III redefines the standard for UTP switching and extension by adding optional addressable duplex capability and a variety of redundancy and performance improvements. The new addressable duplex serial capability enables digital signage applications to collect individual display data and metrics in addition to independent control over each display.


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