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By: Lucore  09-12-2011
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Intracore R3™ is a highly scalable cross channel Retail software solution for organisations with multi location requirements. It provides a total business solution for:

  • Multi currency Retail CRM Solutions
  • Full eBusiness Web 2.0 Loyalty online solution
  • Full ERP Solution (Multi lingual / Multi currency Financials / Ordering / Stock / Distribution / Manufacturing)
  • Mobile Solution, Advanced consumer and business use Mobile Solutions (iphone / Android / Windows 7)
  • Store and Shops, Electronic Point of Service integration
  • Contact Centres, with integrated telephony

The benefits of a unified solution such as Intracore R3 are numerous. There are some 75 modules (25 front facing), 50 backend facing covering all the key areas business informatics technology.

Supporting our software solution is our comprehensive service and support programs.

Intracore R3™ is a software package offering complete flexibility –it is a total multi-channel business solution i.e. e-commerce,order processing and shop sales all access a single unified customer and stock database. The benefits of such a solution include:-


Time is probably one of the most constraining factors to any of today’s businesses. Time, means money, and money is why a business is running. Saving Time and simplifying internal process is a critical element of today’s successful business.


People are the biggest benefit and biggest drain on the resources of any organisation. The more people involved the more costs that are incurred. By integrating every element of a business requirement into a single entity, proprietary people costs can be eliminated. Intracore R3 uses industry standard interfaces, include web services, to allow this integration. The cost of a single transaction is reduced, as all items are audited within the system.


Centralised on the internet, provides access to all stakeholder clients, immediately in real time.


Simplification of both the business process and technical element, improves the agility of the business.


In many businesses, management direction can be ignored and work executed based on past practice. Intracore R3 allows an enforced discipline, with KPI reporting allowing management by exception. Complex workflow patterns can be easily included in the system, empowering employees with finger tip control of key corporate data to make decisions.

Technology Agnostic

Will run on virtually any commercial computer from mainframe to PC. Operating systems include Linux, Solaris, Unix, Windows, VMS, Novell, VME, and DOS.


The system is multi-company, multi-cost centre, multi-warehouse, multi-currency and multi-lingual.


Intracore R3 is designed to be a leading light, in uptime and accessible standards. Having the core business system, located on the internet, allows 24 x 7 access, throughout the global economy, and supports all manner of connectivity such as mobile phones, personal computers (both in the office and at home), PDA’s and the new breed of portable productivity assistants.


Highly flexible fully integrated solution. Runs on any platform, Microsoft, Linux, Sun. Allows an organisation to start small and scale to thousands of users.

Accessible 24x7


All modules are completely integrated thus removing the need for end of day batch updates.


No limit to the number of companies, warehouses, cost centres, ledger codes, stock categories, stock items, customers/suppliers, accounting transactions etc.


Holds enormous volumes of data historically so no need to archive data on a periodic basis. This allows for unlimited year on year comparisons.


Automated backup and full resilience through database mirroring to handle hardware failure.


Full on-line documentation.


Standardised throughout to make the system very easy to learn.


Full user access controls and audit trail of every process.


All reports to screen, printers, spooler, disc file.


Keywords: business process

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