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Your Products, Our Solutions

Our new clients often come to us because they need a product printed immediately. They quickly find out that Lightwave Reprographics can enhance the look, feel and style of printed products at a reasonable cost. They also discover that we can help them manage all their printing needs, from digital file storage to packaging and distribution.

We print from hard copy or electronic originals at lightning speed and eliminate the complicated and tedious hand-gathering, insertion and assembling tasks that prohibit the use of special features like tabs, mixed paper stocks and customized covers and pages.

Through the production plant of National Printers, we offer offset printing services, special bindings and finishings.

With digital data services, we manage, store, archive and update your digital printing files.

Through our sophisticated array of online and nuts-and-bolts services, we give our customers control over their orders, materials and shipments.

Secure Printing We are secret cleared and are able to provide commercial or government secure printed material at request from start to finish.

Digital Editing Lightwave can provide Digital Editing and Typesetting services, or connect you with a professional Graphic Designer. If you are a do it yourself person, a list of recommended publishing software can be provided.
And, we guarantee that our customers will each receive the service that assures their products meet stringent delivery and quality requirements.

Digital Printing

High-speed, on-demand publishing

Your Products

Software manuals, training text books, fact & data sheets, seminar & exhibit brochures, newsletters, legal documents, financial reports, colour & black posters, colour presentations & transparencies, index tabs, CD inserts & tray cards, office forms & stationery, kit folders, invitations & envelopes.

Through Us

We print them fast, in colour or in black and white, on stocks in a rainbow of colours, finishes and weights, from a carbonless NCR, #7 bond to a 100lb cover. Using Xerox and ticket programming, we can add colour covers, insert tabs or supplied items in a single production run. Our Digital Colour Laser printers offer precise colours for short to medium run colour outputs and colour proofing.

From Files to Proofing

With State-of-the-Art Technology

We take pride in using the best digital printing technology in the business to deliver the quality, reliability, flexibility and speed you need.

Colour Digital Laser

  • Features: high-quality, high-speed 2400 DPI digital colour printing, auto duplexing, card stock output, up to 13" x 19 1/4" output, reliability and perfect handling of complex graphic files.

Xerox DocuTech 6135 Publisher

  • Features: flexible (print from PostScript files, hard copy, or a combination of digital and hard copy), high-speed (135 copies per minute on 8.5" x 11"), two-sided printing on sheets up to 14.3" x 17", 600 x 1200 dpi resolution for good halftone and fine line reproduction, and handling of mixed paper stocks.

Xerox Nuvera Publisher

  • Features: high-speed scanning up to 120 images per minute at 600 dpi, two-sided printing on sheets up to 12.6" x 18.5", at 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution for press quality halftones, and sharp detailed prints.

Offset Printing

Where tradition meets the new

Lightwave Reprographics provides offset printing as a service through our parent company, National Printers. Lightwave Reprographics and National Printers occupy a 70,000-square-foot air-conditioned, humidity-regulated facility that houses seven Heidelberg presses, complete computerized and hand-mastered pre-press services, and a full bindery including Layflat binding.

Bindery and Finishing

Finish and deliver in style

Although our digital print engines allow us to finish most products on a production line, some jobs still require post-print finishing. We offer

  • folding, cutting to size, collating, drilling, insertion and laminating services
  • binding services
  • stitching options
  • boxing, labeling and shipping.

Digital Data File Management

Only what you need, when you need it

Storage and Archiving

We can store and manage your files so they can be used again and again - in a month or in a year. To provide our clients with the knowledge that their master files are secure and safe from destruction or accidental manipulation, we provide full redundancy in all our systems and maintain back-ups off-site. To ensure easy file retrieval, we maintain indexed archives cross-referenced by client name, data and order number.

We store all source and print files on hard drive for one month. In addition, we burn source and print files to CD and catalogue them with search indices.

Merging & Personalization

You want to give your customers products tailored to their requirements. With our merging and personalizing services, you can specify which sections of an archived manual, kit or proposal you need and be certain that the relevant page numbers, footers, tabs and logos are in place.

Fulfillment and Distribution System

From you, to us, to them

Lightwave Reprographics has built a Fulfillment and Distribution System that uses our inventory management, printing, binding, packaging, warehousing and distribution facilities to fulfill your unique product requirements. If you need to produce the same product every month, let us manage and warehouse the materials that we custom print for you from your archived files. Then let us pack and ship them to order to your customers.


Store your materials in our climate-controlled plant. We register materials in our inventory system by product code, location and quantity.


Our ordering system lets you order, reorder and change your product easily. By storing the product information with a thumbnail image, you will order the right product every time. Choose the number of copies, date of delivery and location. We send you a confirmation and then we do the rest.


Our company trucks, local and national couriers, and national and international carriers ship our products within the region and around the world. Clients can track their shipments through their Lightwave client account or through the carrier's waybill that we forward to you.


We advise you when you are short of stock, so you can either order replenishments or send us the materials we need to print and pack your products to order.

We issue activity reports to confirm and advise you which products have been shipped and where.

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