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By: LeighFisher  09-12-2011

LeighFisher seeks to integrate sustainability into all of our work, whether this is on a project or working with a client to deliver sustainability business objectives across their organization. Developing a sustainable business drives financial growth while balancing the impacts of operating on the environment, community, and economy. When designed effectively, sustainability measures can also be a source of opportunity, innovation, and enhanced organizational performance and can guide business solutions that enable management to be successful.

Managing environmental impacts is essential for businesses and governments regardless of sector and geography. Whether driven by compliance under a nationwide commitment, local legislation or regulation, or a regional planning requirement, all organizations are responsible for identifying and managing the impacts associated with their operations.

LeighFisher works with our clients to assure such compliance, but our services go beyond compliance. We believe that the proactive management of environmental impacts and wider sustainability performance can help organizations accrue additional benefits and opportunities. Our emphasis is on providing strategic advice regarding the opportunities associated with environmental planning and sustainability.

Our environment and sustainability services span a range of strategic areas and our advice makes a positive difference to our clients. Our consultants provide depth of experience across many sectors, ensuring that our clients benefit from expert knowledge and opinion on broad sector ideas and innovations. We develop practical solutions to address current and future sustainability challenges.

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