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By: Larus  09-12-2011
Keywords: decision support, Intelligent Data, Sensor Networking,

Territorial security deals with the prevention, detection, and response to unauthorized persons and/or goods from crossing a perimeter. It deals with large territories of strategic importance, such as international borders, transportation and critical infrastructure.

Nexus for Territorial Security, provides a complete end to end intelligent surveillance solution, from enhancing the collection of data from in situ sensors with our LISA Sensor Networking products, to the synthesis of data through our propriety Nexus fusion engine, to provide actionable intelligence to client decision support and command and control systems.

The reference platform, shown below, would consist of an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) equipped with a data fusion payload that consists of a single-board computer (SBC) , an integrated and deployable video compression system and an acoustic data capture system, running an intelligent data analytics software for the purpose of territorial security. Nexus runs a closed-loop decision-support system (DSS) that takes in the data source inputs, extracts the required information from their raw data streams and, according to the user’s decision, proceeds to perform a plan of action through effectuation of the environment. As the latter has now changed, the data consumption phase starts another run through the DSS loop.

Here are some of the current features of Nexus for Territorial Security:

  • Motion detection This feature consists of detecting the presence of motion near a critical infrastructure
  • Intrusion detection This feature consists of detecting an intrusion within a protected perimeter. An intrusion is defined as an object entering a protected perimeter without permission
  • Fire/smoke detection This feature consists of detecting the presence of fire or smoke near a critical infrastructure, or within a restricted access zone or public setting
  • Object localization This feature consists of determining the global location of an object
  • Object tracking This feature consists of tracking individuals or other moving objects inside a protected perimeter
  • Object classification This feature consists of categorizing an object as either human, car, animal, etc.

T he Nexus solution is user configurable and is easily integrated into client systems.

Keywords: decision support, Intelligent Data, Sensor Networking,

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