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By: Larus  09-12-2011
Keywords: Intelligent Data

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Nexus for Health Monitoring provides real-time tracking and monitoring of blood pressure readings with client-specific blood pressure alerts using approved medical classification information. The blood pressure history, trends and warnings are available in an easy to interpret user interface and can be customized to user preferences.

Nexus is fully adaptable to a range of blood pressure monitoring devices or other health monitoring equipment, including ICU monitoring, personal health monitors and can be customized to identify, classify and predict specific anomalies and trends.

Nexus for Health Monitoring trains, clusters and classifies personal health datasets, operates in alert and/or diagnostic mode, reduces the stress associated with false alarms, does not miss any important alarms, and reduces blood flow streams to a single answer.

Larus can also provide the following value added:

  • Confidence measure for each alert
  • Integration within existing architectures through an API and with no architectural modifications
  • Integration of ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity
  • Personalized alert and/or diagnostic system through a web portal
  • Trend analysis through prediction of hypertension states
  • Application of Nexus for Health Monitoring to other chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes

Larus is looking to become your partner for intelligent data analysis!




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Keywords: Intelligent Data

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