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By: L2 Emergence  09-12-2011
Keywords: leadership, Coaching

EMERGENCE is about innovation in training, facilitation, and coaching.

Our events are highly interactive – we create the right conditions for everyone to actively participate and have a voice. We believe that meaningful dialogue leads to new learning about ourselves as individuals and about the organization as a whole. All our events are custom designed in partnership with the client to ensure that they cater to their particular needs. The exploration of leadership attributes is a central theme for our events.

We offer ..


    • Leadership Skills
    • Facilitation
    • Presentation Skills
    • Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) / Personality Dimensions>
    • Career Development

    Leadership at all levels

    Leadership is not a function of position or level.Anyone in your organization who is willing to step forward and take ownership for something they believe in can be a leader.Emergence can help you create leaders in your boardrooms, in your mail rooms, and everywhere in between.

    • We offer hands on training workshops to develop leadership skills.
    • We can help organizations establish communities of practice and action learning circles that allow integrate continuous learning and development into the workplace.
    • We can help you develop your personal mission statement and gain a deeper insight into your core values, core needs, communication style, leadership style, and thinking processes. Internationally accepted tools are employed; such as, Temperament Type Theory (e.g., Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and Personality Dimensions) and introspective exercises.

    Tell your story – Story crafting

    We are all storytellers. In everyday conversations with friends, family and colleagues, we use stories to relate what happens to us – to describe our realities. Stories are windows into our head and heart.

    Through our stories, we let others know what has meaning to us, what makes us happy or sad, what scares us, and what excites us.

    As a leader, how can you use the art of storytelling as a compelling communication tool? How can you craft stories that give your vision wings and inspire others to move forward with conviction and enthusiasm?

    • We can help you uncover your own stories by teaching you techniques such as Appreciative Inquiry, Anecdote Circles, improvisational theatre, and creative writing workshops.

    Uncovering the artist within you

    What is your “art”? Are you artful in the way you deal with difficult situations at work? Are you artful in the way you are able to turn projects around with few resources?

    Being creative does not necessarily mean being a painter, a potter, or a ballet dancer. You can express your creativity in the way you cook, the way you garden, or even the way you manage. Creativity means finding your own unique way.

    • We can help you build and strengthen your creative muscles by leading you through some “right brain’ exercises that will challenge your assumptions, push your envelope, and expand your capacity to innovate and invent new approaches.


    • Management Retreats
    • Team Building
    • Consultation Processes
    • Focus Groups
    • Strategic Planning

    Connecting the Silos - Harvesting Corporate Knowledge

    An organization is a complex web of relationships and business processes that make up its culture and identity. Using facilitation and a “Systems Thinking” approach, we bring together diverse perspectives and objectives to generate optimal solutions grounded in organizational intelligence.

    • We can create the right environment for information sharing and team learning.
    • We design and facilitate processes that will help your group explore new possibilities, develop insightful strategic plans and implement innovative practices to reach your goals.
    • We facilitate small and large group processes (up to 500 people) using systems thinking tools such as Open Space, World Cafés, and Future Search.

    A Megaphone for the Voices of Your Organization

    The number one complaint of the average worker is: “They (meaning the management) don’t care about what I have to say”. We all want to be heard. We all want to make a difference. How do we solicit people’s ideas? How do we tap into their passions and commitments?

    • We can help you introduce simple techniques like a Possibilities Wall, Issues Analysis, and a Feedback Model that will give a real voice to employees.

    Creative Problem-Solving for the New Economy


    Dare to be who you are…

    To lead others, you need to cultivate and gain their trust. People will trust you when you are being truthful with them. In order to be truthful with others, you need to be true to yourself.

    You need to ask yourself the tough questions and dare to be who you are. Say it as it is: the good, the bad and the ugly. No pretenses. Just the truth.

    • What are your answers to these BIG questions?
      • What do I believe in?
      • What do I stand for?
      • What are my dreams?
      • What are my strengths? My talents?
      • What do I still need to learn?
      • What do I want to be remembered for?
    • We can help you gain deeper insight into who you are with tools like Temperament Type Theory (e.g. Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and Personality Dimensions) and introspective exercises designed to help you develop your own personal mission statement.
    • We offer coaching workshops that teach the art of asking powerful questions to help others see what they cannot see. Coaching is about helping people uncover their own solutions. The leadership/executive coaching skills that are developed during this workshop can be directly applied in your organization to enhance performance and achieve corporate goals

Keywords: Coaching, leadership

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Nous pouvons vous aider à composer votre énoncé de mission personnelle et mieux identifier vos valeurs-clés, vos besoins primordiaux, votre style de communication, votre style de leadership et vos styles de raisonnement. Nous utilisons des exercices d?introspection ainsi que des outils internationalement reconnus tels l?Indicateur de types psychologiques Myers-Briggs.