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By: Kaladar Enersave Management  09-12-2011

We provide expert advice on the process of managing energy.  There are many tasks in the process of managing energy in the short and long terms.  These tasks are technical, financial, organizational, educational, motivational and contractual.  To be certain of permanent savings, an energy user must carefully plan and implement energy retrofits, and effectively monitor ongoing energy use. 

 Kaladar provides energy users the management experience needed to effectively manage energy use by:

1)      assessing a client's internal capabilities to manage its energy,

2)      advising the client on the most effective deployment of its internal resources to properly manage energy, and

3)      assisting clients in finding and managing appropriate external resources to supplement their capabilities.

 Many clients choose to contract with an Energy Service Companies (ESCO).  Under a complex multi-faceted (EPC) an ESCO provides a turnkey retrofit service, guaranteeing resultant savings and often including financing.  As Kaladar's Principals have been both ESCO managers and ESCO clients they are well versed in the details of this complex means of supplementing an energy user's resources.  Kaladar now represents only energy users in procuring and managing the services of an ESCO, offering expert advice on ESCO proposals, contracts, feasibility studies,

Kaladar and its Principals have assisted with numerous Federal Government projects under the Federal Buildings Initiative. Kaladar is also a qualified service provider under the City of Toronto's Better Buildings Partnership.

 Our independent confidential services are provided on a professional fee basis.  Our fees can be capitalized and funded as part of an energy retrofit program.

An Energy Performance Contract (EPC) is a business arrangement whereby an Energy Service Company (ESCO) conceives, designs, installs and finances facility improvements.
This is a point form description of the many tasks and steps that Kaladar can perform to assist  an owner in identifying opportunities and implementing improvements  on the journey to energy savings.


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