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By: Julie Desmarais  09-12-2011
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The book, THE ENERGY CONNECTION, is an inspirational, educational, and unique take on the types of energy we are connected to, and part of. Seven years in the writing, Julie and her husband Richard Jackman are thrilled to share with you their views, stories and ideas about the fascinating subject of energy balancing and healing. Using a sometimes humble, sometimes humorous, often out of this world approach, they take you to a never-never land of energy fields, chakras and magic and miracles, where lawyer meets clairvoyant. A must read for healing facilitators, the energy curious, or anyone who would like to challenge their present belief system around healing.

Copies of the Energy Connection can be obtained by:

  • Singing Pebbles Book Store on Main St. in Ottawa

BIRD VIBES is a deck of 54 beautiful meditation cards by Catherine Bastedo. Bird Vibes is based on 50 birds that may be seen in various parts of North America, grouped by eight chakras according to the bird's colour, habitat or other characteristics. Each card shows a different bird through paintings commissioned from Ottawa nature painter, Heather Bale. Use this deck to gain insight into current life situations, to connect with Nature, and the Universal Life Energy around us and within us.

Copies of the Bird Vibes can be obtained by:

  • Calling Catherine Bastedo at (819) 778-2590

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Keywords: book store, healing