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By: Jm  09-12-2011

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We can design an on-line entry system specifically for your event, club, league or association.

A simple form will contain all fields required for data collection. Participants enter their data, then in order to proceed they must agree to the electronic waiver. Then the participants will enter their credit card information using the E-Xact Internet Secure Payment Service. Once the credit card is approved, Events and the participants will receive immediate confirmation by e-mail. The information is stored in a password protected database. Participants names will also be posted on a confirmation list. Note that no personal information is posted (e.g. address).

More complex systems can include almost anything conceivable, however the event’s size or commitment to our relationship must be qualified to incur higher upfront investments from our part. Remember…most events don’t actually pay for our services, and we only benefit from our partnership model when you are successful.

  • EZ to set up.. we do the work
  • Most trusted process for participatory events in Canada.
  • Fewer paper application forms to print, distribute, collect and re-type.. saves you money.
  • Access to data is a snap, kept as simple as possible, and available 24/7.. allows most flexibility.
  • No fuss secure online transactions, and we pay your merchant fees for you.
  • Fewer trips to the bank, less data entry, less data corrections .. more time to make a better event!

Advantages for Participants:

  • You can enter and be confirmed in a race within minutes
  • Secure transactions using E-xact’s built in industry compliant services
  • There is no need for a cheque, a stamp, or an envelope
  • Immediate confirmation online with the event, and on your account statement
  • Earn reward points and be covered by insurance on your credit card if applicable
  • The accuracy of your information is assured… You enter the data, you make less mistakes, your bib and results are more accurate.

Although all our work is customizable, expandable and incredibly flexible, we do have to scope our amount of work towards the potential of the event to provide a return on our investment. To assist in this we have a simple to implement bundle system where we can pre-determine which features we can easily justify building. This is largely based on your demonstration of commitment to building a relationship with us. Events that require more than we can justify can easily access more customization and functionality by extending their term with us, or paying some development fees.

Our packages are unique to our understanding of the industry as one of the most trusted and first in North America for such services. We will be happy to discuss these options with you, but we do not post such information online.

A basic entry system’s set-up and support is generally free to events so long as projected numbers are high enough to cover the base costs of developing the system, and / or the term of service projects the business relationship will at least become profitable in the future. Our partnership approach and our bundled packages allow you to select more complexity than may be initially qualified for your size event. In the end, we allow you to chose.

We always do our best to find an equation that keeps your funds directed to building your event's potential rather than paying hefty technical start up costs. Our ultimate objective is that Events will only charge a per-transaction processing fee to cover our costs, and you receive your registration system without it even affecting your event's budget.

Total Purchase Events fee
$0.01 to $20.00 $2.50
$20.01 to $30.00 $3.00
$30.01 to $40.00 $3.50
$40.01 to $50.00 $4.00
$50.01 to $60.00 $4.50
$60.01 to $70.00 $5.00
$70.01 to $80.00 $5.50
$80.01 to $90.00 $6.00
$90.01 to $100.00 $6.50
$100.01 + 6.5% of Total Purchase Cost
- Above fees may be subject to GST or other regional taxes.

Variations on the Base Rate:

Event's using multiple registrars may experience higher rates to compensate for the lower return on work done.

Small events wanting group registration options may incur a per group member fee, to justify the increased programming and the decrease transactions

These fees can either be paid by the participants or the organizers can absorb all or part of the fee. Payments are remitted back to the organizers on the 15th and 30th of each month by cheque.

Once an entry system's needs are beyond the scope of a basic entry form, Events will project the revenue opportunity of that event to justify building any extra aspects of a system. Extra work will be justified by having many registrants, a longer term of service, or by fee based programming.

When set-up, programming and or support costs are absorbed by, all work is performed purely on the basis of projected registrations, and as such may become billable, should the event significantly miss expectations, or cancel the event or usage of the system (including not promoting the use of the system). The billable may be the greater of the hours spent on the system or the projected fees for the remaining registrants. Additional discounts provided in this term on related services or products may also be retracted retroactively.

Some events chose to prepay portions of projected registration fees in order to get the participant's fee to a specific flat rate amount they feel will be comfortable (ie for conferences, where the fee may otherwise be much higher). This prepaid portion enables the event and to share the risk in the success of the event, all while keeping registration fees low for higher ticket price events. This amount is projected at the outset and is not refundable since the hours of support EventsOnline provides is scoped with this in mind and of course can not be reversed.

Additional programing may be required for an event to realize certain functions that are not generally included in a system, or that the event is not large enough to support in normal fees.

Billable Rates  
Programming $165 /hr
Graphic Design $145 /hr
Consulting Remotely $50 /hr
Consulting Onsite $95 /hr + travel exp

Individual refunds, bulk refunds, cancellations, and transfers, are all handled manually. Furthermore, these are typically processed by our snr staff, to provide an extra layer of control and security. Although we strongly recommend using a standard "no refund, no transfer" policy on your registration system, we recognize exceptions do occur.

Our team is able to reverse portions of an original transaction made through our system. We do so, using the unique transaction code JME and without needing access to the cardholder's specific credit card information; however there are costs for this. Each refund will take a senior staff between 5 and 10 minutes to process the refund, update the event data, provide the cardholder a receipt, and update the event director. Furthermore, the banks charge the same fees on credits/refunds as they do on initial purchases.

As such, the minimum charge on a refund is equal to the initial transaction fee. This is passed on to the participant if the refund results from a participant error, or to the event if the refund is a result of it's choice to offer such a service, or a lack of clarity in its information. If a technical error in our system caused the issue, the refund fee is waived. Bulk refunds have an additional $4 charge, as we will need to book a manager's time to process them.

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