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By: Itkunst  09-12-2011

Provides Detailed Tracing k

unstWerk provides exceptional logging functionality. Developing applications for the browser is a difficult task. The debugging tools, although improving, are limited in their ability to solve problems. In order to be competitive in the web space, the code needs to be clean. All of your i‘s need to be dotted, and your t‘s need to be crossed. But mistakes do happen. Each object in kunstWerk‘s framework can be set to trace out its activity. The logging can also be set to trace specific types of activity. Tracing can be sent to the console or to the server. The logging messages are explicit and detailed. Once you begin to use it, it is very difficult to understand how you ever coded without it.

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We realized at a very early stage that the tools used by computer scientists to create algorithms were completely orthogonal to the tools required to create Object Structures. OP also allows one to quickly convert difficult, complex, temperamental systems into simple, elegant, stable frameworks: With minimal impact to ones processes. TKunst‘s approach to OOP (Object Oriented Programming) is unique and revolutionary.