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By: Iris Diagnostics  09-12-2011
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Make A Clinically Relevant
Assessment of UTI

The Iris UTI Management Solution uses the Iris Urinalysis Workcell to analyze patient samples for five important urine chemistry and urine microscopy results. These results provide the laboratory and the physician a comprehensive understanding of the patient sample, to make a clinically relevant assessment if UTI may be present, and if the sample is a candidate for urine culture.

The five Iris Workcell bacteriuria indicators are WBC, Leukocyte esterase, Bacteria, Nitrite, and All Small Particles.

Laboratories use a combination of these five parameters to quickly assess patient samples for possible UTI, providing a faster turnaround time of results, reducing the workload for the Microbiology lab, and improving lab productivity.

Recent publications from Europe demonstrate the effective use of iQ®200, in a clinical setting, as an accurate screening method for UTI. Each paper outlines the UTI screening strategy; including the parameters used and the level of accuracy achieved when using iQ200 as a screening tool for Bacteriuria.

Streamline the UTI Testing Process

The Iris UTI Management Solution provides a fast, accurate method of automated UTI testing, based upon a comprehensive set of clinically relevant urinalysis results, to protect reimbursement revenues, reduce cost, and streamline your UTI testing process, to improve lab productivity.

Accurate UTI Screening Information

  • Combined urine chemistry and microscopy results provide a more complete understanding of patient UTI status.

Walk-away automation improves laboratory productivity

  • Technologists can focus on other tasks; allows the laboratory to manage an increased workload without increasing headcount.

Reduced burden on Microbiology Laboratory

  • Reduction in the number of patient samples that require urine culture.

Fast turnaround time of results

  • Patient can receive appropriate treatment more quickly, reducing the need for non-specific antibiotic treatment.

Keywords: laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory

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