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By: Intensity Security  09-12-2011

INTENSITY SECURITY - Coatings Solutions

The INTENSITY SECURITY-Coatings glass security solution is a highly secure and effective post market solution that increases vulnerable glass into invisible armoured protection.

INTENSITY SECURITY. manufactures a micro-thin transparent window film which revolutionizes regular glass windows into barriers that can resist the force of small firearms, bombs, high impact projectiles, and extreme weather conditions. Founded in 1973, INTENSITY SECURITY (Intensity Security) is represented in many countries worldwide and continues to expand globally. INTENSITY SECURITY products are now available through distributors and dealers globally.

INTENSITY SECURITY’s goal is to ensure that the public, both inside and outside of buildings are protected against the threats of broken and flying glass. The INTENSITY SECURITY solution helps construction and building managers to reduce that threat. Our security films can be retrofitted or applied to new glass installations. When retrofitting existing glass, INTENSITY SECURITY films are the single most
cost-effective solution to reduce threats and injury from forced entry attacks, severe weather, bullets and explosive blasts.