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By: Instrux Media  09-12-2011
Keywords: quality assurance

Development Portal

Instrux Media employs a transparent development process to provide visibility to all stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle. Using the Instrux Media Development Portal (IDP) - our in-house project management tool - all project members, including the client, can track the project status, track the project schedule (dynamically updated daily), review correspondence and documentation, test prototypes, monitor results, and more.

Knowledge Tool

The Instrux Media Knowledge tool harnesses the process of social learning that occurs when people who have a common interest in a subject or problem, collaborate to share ideas, find solutions, and build innovations. Our online Knowledge Tool system integrates critical community-focused features into a single user-friendly and secure environment. Our software and approach draws on the strengths of your community through relationship building, collaborative learning, collaborative knowledge sharing, and project collaboration. Your organization benefits from the capture of valuable tacit knowledge, peer coaching, and consistent, dynamic, information sharing.

Quality Assurance Tool

Quality assurance testing ensures that every part of the e-learning course works properly before deploying the course to the learner audience. Because the project deliverable is software, e-learning project managers need to ensure quality in both content and functionality. The Instrux Media Quality Assurance Tool is an online application that will ensure a customizable, consistent and thorough testing methodology is used. Furthermore, comprehensive reporting functions provide stakeholders with documented assurance of the testing that has been conducted.

Learner Feedback Tool

Instrux Media's Learner Feedback Tool allows you to measure post training success quickly and easily. Our system allows you to easily create online training surveys to gather and interpret student feedback. Effectively and efficiently conduct a pilot test of a course and summarize and analyze participant feedback within minutes, rather than weeks.

Staging Portal

The Instrux Media Staging Portal is an interim publishing solution that allows your courseware to be posted on a secure, password protected non-public server for stakeholder review, quality assurance testing, and pilot testing. If your organization is using a SCORM compliant learning management system, the Staging Portal will mimic your environment allowing for testing of SCORM calls and functionality.  Courseware can be previewed by stakeholders during production and after completion, and fully tested and finalized before being installed on your system.

Keywords: quality assurance

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Instrux Media: e-learning solutions - services

Working closely with the client, our talented team ensures training needs are determined and met, and take great pride in creating courses that achieve an outstanding standard of quality and effectiveness. If your organization is creating a new on-line learning center, we can assist you in selecting and implementing a delivery system that meets your needs.