VirtuaMouse One-Hand for Windows Mobile

By: Innovisoft  09-12-2011

Make everything thumb-friendly

Improve tap accuracy. Avoid mis-taps. Enhance your one-handed precision.

VirtuaMouse aims to save you from the frustration of accidental mis-taps on your touchscreen, and from being forced to the stylus, when you really shouldn't have to. It's there when you need it, and can help you tap those places that your thumb can't accurately touch.

VirtuaMouse 2.0 works on Windows Mobile 2003/2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5 or 6.

Cursor Jumping New in v2.0

Cursor Jumping is an innovative new feature in VirtuaMouse v2.0 that allows you to make the cursor "jump" around the screen as needed.

  • Double-tap in any direction to make the cursor "jump"
  • Makes moving around the screen much faster
  • Can be used to quickly move to the Start button, the Close button or the menubar

Tap and Drag Mode New in v2.0

Tap and Drag mode does the same thing that tapping and dragging your stylus or finger would do. You can use it to Copy & Paste text, highlight text/items on the screen, drag/move objects, and even do "finger scrolling" in supported applications.

  • Copy and Paste text
  • Tap and Drag windows that support Finger Scrolling
  • Activated easily, by double-tapping in the main area of the screen

Easy Select Mode New in v2.0

Once the Action button is pressed, the selected item is opened, and VirtuaMouse is reactivated.

  • Quickly activate by double-tapping on the main part of the scrollbar
  • Saves you time, by switching to arrow key mode until you select the item

Easily show and hide the cursor when you need it

VirtuaMouse has three ways to easily and quickly show/hide the mouse cursor: 

  1. By tapping on the Easy Show/Hide menubar button
  2. By setting a hardware key (see the "Buttons" tab in VirtuaMouse Settings)
  3. By selecting the "Toggle VirtuaMouse" icon in the Programs or Start menu

Move in any direction

VirtuaMouse can move in any direction that your D-Pad/joypad supports.

Customizable cursor speed

VirtuaMouse's cursor speed is fully customizable. You can go from super-fast to super-slow, whatever you prefer. See the "Speed" tab in VirtuaMouse Settings.

Smooth Acceleration for enhanced precision

Having the cursor gradually accelerate means gives you greater control over the cursor, allowing you to tap much more precisely. VirtuaMouse gives you three acceleration settings: slow, medium, and fast. Play around with each one and see which acceleration you'd prefer. 

The slower the acceleration, the easier it will be for you to tap really small items on the screen. Of course, this means it will take longer for the cursor to reach top speed when you want it move all the way across the screen.

We recommend the medium setting.

Menu Handling

We realize that sometimes the cursor isn't as fast to use as the Joypad, and this is even more true for menus. By default, when a menu opens, VirtuaMouse will temporarily disable itself, allowing you to use the menus with your arrow keys.

You can change this option if you'd like though.

Many cursors and sizes to choose from

Take your pick of different cursors and customize the size to your liking.

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