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What We Do
  • Ergonomics evaluation of individual workstations : This includes a review of any physical complaints and the present workstation set up. Recommendations are provided to encourage a neutral posture and reduce the risk for pain and discomfort. The report will include contacts for any equipment required. The evaluation will also encourage the use of good work habits such as stretching and change of position during the day.
  • Needs Analysis : A survey of the office environment and the employees' musculoskeletal discomfort can be done to determine the need and priority for ergonomic intervention.
  • Furniture Selection : There is a variety of ergonomic furniture on the market and it may be difficult to be sure your purchases will suit your needs. A review of the work and the existing workstations in your office can ensure that you make the right decisions about adapting existing workstations or purchasing new furniture or chairs. While we are not affiliated with any suppliers, we have an up to date knowledge of furniture and equipment on the market.
  • Seminars on office ergonomics and workstation set up complement these services by providing employees with the knowledge they need to prevent musculoskeletal problems through early identification, exercise and good work station set-up.

  • Group Seminars
    These seminars are focused on musculoskeletal injury prevention and are customized to the type of work done in your facility. If your workplace is high risk for back injury, this will be reflected in the training using digital images of YOUR workers. Training may have a back injury prevention focus, upper extremity injury prevention focus or a combination of these depending on the nature of the work.
  • Train the Trainer
    This program takes 1-2 days and can provide a group of employees, who have an interest in ergonomics, with an understanding of the risks for pain and discomfort, the postures that reduce this risk and the basics of workstation set up. Participants will receive a manual and forms to assist them in the use of basic ergonomics in their work environment. Detailed analysis of Musculoskeletal problems will not be covered in this course.

Ergonomic Analysis of Work (Industrial or Office)
A detailed study of the loads, frequencies and demands of the job is performed, along with an analysis of the risks for injury. Recommendations on how to minimize these risks are included in the report. This might include suggestions for a change in equipment, workflow or handling techniques. Job Demands Analysis (JDA)

IPP can provide the expertise you need to design and implement an ergonomic program within your business. This includes determining the need for intervention, a plan for phasing in changes, procedures and protocols as well as training.

On Site Physiotherapy Assessment This is a physical assessment done at the worksite to determine the abilities and limitations of the employee. This can provide the basis for a modified work program and through education and exercise can be key in resolution of the problem. Through this timely on-site assessment, more serious musculoskeletal problems may be prevented through exercise, work modification, or referral for treatment. See .

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Keywords: Ergonomics, exercise, Furniture, injury prevention, Musculoskeletal Problems

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