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By: Infinera  09-12-2011
Keywords: Integrated Circuits, Optical Network, Network Economics

Are you ready for the Terabit age? The Infinera DTN-X is. Built upon the design principles of the highly successful Infinera DTN platform, the Infinera DTN-X P-OTN platform brings scale, simplicity and efficiency of the digital optical network into the terabit age. Featuring large scale Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC), built-in OTN (ITU G.709) switch with 1Gb/s granularity and GMPLS based network intelligence that enables dynamically protected mesh networks, the DTN-X delivers the next step function in optical networking. The DTN-X was designed with investment protection in mind, including programmable coherent technology so operators can optimize their fiber assets, scale to 1Tb/s of slot capacity and 5 Tb/s per bay today and to 10 Tb/s per bay and 100Tb/s in a multi-bay configuration in the future. Finally, this converged DWDM transport, OTN switching and future MPLS switching platform consumes less power and less space to deliver frugal network economics without compromising the ability of the network to achieve its full potential.

The major features of the platform are:

  • Scale
    • PIC-Based FlexCoherent Super-Channel Line System
    • Multi-Terabit, Non-Blocking OTN Cross Connect
  • Simplicity
    • Digital plug-n-play automation and + GMPLS intelligence
    • Network Convergence of DWDM, OTN and future MPLS switching
  • Efficiency
    • 50% less power, 33% less space
    • Bandwidth Virtualization to ensure maximum usage of all available bandwidth

  • Network is a pool of bandwidth available to any Client Interfaces on-demand
  • Minutes to provision new optical services
  • < 10 days to deliver for new optical client hardware
  • DTN-X Features:
    500 Gb/s Large Scale Photonic Integrated Circuits Ensures lowest cost, highest density DWDM line system while dramatically reducing space & power needs so that other functions can be enabled.
    Built-in OTN (ITU G.709) switching at every node with a switching granularity of ODU0 (1Gb/s) Why pay extra for external switches when this capability already built-in? The Infinera DTN-X optimizes network efficiency by grooming all traffic at every location in the network.
    PIC-Based FlexCoherent Super-Channel Line System The DTN-X features a PIC-based coherent super-channel architecture, based upon 500G super-channels today, and designed to support 1Tb/s super-channels in the future. Super channels allow extraction the maximum fiber capacity without requiring a move outside of the C-band.
    Unconstrained add/drop in any direction enabling a colorless, directionless and contention-less ROADM Free your network planning from traditional network constraints, and let the network realize its maximum potential. Any service, any color, any direction with zero blocking and zero constraints.
    Non-blocking switching fabric scales to 100 Tb/s An architecture that features a separate switch fabric, so transport and switching are unconstrained to grow in any direction. With multi-chassis configurations, the switch scales to 100 Tb/s.
    Digital Plug-n-play automation Digital automation reduce OPEX by eliminating traditional analog optical implementation steps including hundreds of operational steps, patch fibers and site visits required for analog optical systems.
    Embedded GMPLS enabled Intelligence Drive down operating costs by using Embedded Software Intelligence for:
    • Automatic topology discovery & inventory management
    • <50ms hardware based protection for mesh & ring configurations
    • Dynamically protect services, even in catastrophic failure scenarios
    • Optical/IP integration via an Optical UNI
    Unprecedented Network & Service Efficiency Power/Space/Network Efficiency
    • 50-80% lower power consumption vs the competition
    • 30% less space required vs the competition
    • 40-60% less space required to deliver vs the competition

    Service Efficiency

    Keywords: Integrated Circuits, Network Economics, Optical Network, Photonic Integrated Circuits,

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