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By: Infinera  09-12-2011
Keywords: Optical Networking, Optical Network

The Infinera ATN is a new metro-optimized CWDM and DWDM platform designed for cost-effective add/drop and multi-service aggregation in metro networks. The ATN extends Infinera's digital optical networking benefits into the metro environment by providing a small form-factor, cost-efficient wavelength-granular add/drop system that interoperates with Infinera DTN, from a data plane as well as management/operations perspective. With ATN, metro aggregation rings can be deployed in a standalone manner or as extensions off of DTN networks, providing more flexibility and additional CapEx savings over conventional metro CWDM/DWDM solutions. The management integration capability delivers seamless, centralized management of services across the network for simplified end-to-end management.

ATN Key Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Digital Optical Network data plane integration Data Plane interworking with the DTN digital transport network provides cost savings and operational simplicity. The ability to remove transponders at interconnect points lowers capital costs. The ability to aggregate sub-wavelength services on either the ATN or DTN platform, and to terminate these services on the other platform at multiple end points, with Bandwidth Virtualization, drastically reduces the need for intermediate switching equipment.
Infinera DNA integration End to end monitoring and provisioning using Infinera DNA network management platform means a reduction in training, simplified service provisioning and rapid fault detection.
Compact, stackable chassis With a 19" 3RU high chassis form factor and compact cards the platform offers very high density. Up to 8 x 10Gbit/s services can be terminated on a single shelf, with the ability to extend further with subtending shelves.
Universal service modules Multi-service, multi-rate line cards with all pluggable optical interfaces provide a simplified operational solution with reduced spares stock requirements.
Automated optical power management Automation of power management, simplicity of installation, commissioning, provisioning and troubleshooting are values well known to Infinera customers. The ATN platform extends these operational benefits to the edge of the transport network. Services can be turned up more quickly, and without the need for highly qualified operations teams.
Worldwide certification ATN is compatible with, and certified for use in, all regions globally, including software selectable SDH and SONET support. This simplifies spares management and training for international service providers, allowing them to deploy the same product everywhere.
Forecast tolerant design Flexible and efficient optical filter options help to take the pressure off the forecast process, enable network cost optimization, and more readily accommodate changes in traffic growth and demand patterns.

Keywords: Optical Network, Optical Networking

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