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By: Ikelos  09-12-2011
Keywords: Economics

Ikelos provides a suite of support services tailored to the needs of independents and small consultancies. By outsourcing these labour and technology-intensive tasks, our clients are able to increase their capacity to do what they do best, while not increasing their own labour overhead. Our research assistants and consultants deliver benefits to our clients in each of the following areas:

Our services match each stage in the project lifecycle, from marketing support through to the production and delivery of final reports.
We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly integrate our operations with those of our clients. Through this commitment, we are able to help our clients spend more time on what they do best, and help them do it better.

Ikelos continues to develop its capacity to provide professional services at reasonable rates and with limited headaches. Currently, our team brings its skill and attention to detail to the following service areas:

Through the use of proven prototypes, Ikelos is able to approach each assignment with a clear understanding of required steps, timelines and costs. We provide our clients with a service that is of consistently high quality, on time and on budget.

Our third business line is driven by Ikelos staff who see the potential to develop a specific area of interest. These dreams are supported by Ikelos management, and the entire team has the incentive to see them succeed. Currently, Ikelos consultants are engaged in two product development processes:

This slow-growth business line produces products that (i) benefit Ikelos by improving existing processes or methods, (ii) benefit our staff by providing an environment for individual inquiry and development, and (iii) benefit our clients by maintaining our commitment to innovation and dynamic growth.

Each of Ikelos' business lines stand alone, and indeed they each provide independent marketing and business opportunities. Ikelos' commitment to efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism however, truly shine at the intersection of these business lines.

In the Ikelos environment, each of these business lines interact with the other. For the Services business line, one of the primary clients is in fact the Products business line. The Support business line provides support to each of the other two. The Product business line generates time and energy-saving innovations that can, in many cases, be used by the other business lines.

This synergy and our internal reward program combine to motivate our team to constantly try to do what we do better, faster, and for less. We aim to compete, and in the absence of external competition, we compete with ourselves. In order to be sustainable, the gains derived from this drive for productivity are passed on to our clients, our coworkers and our community.

The Ikelos Total Document Quality Solution allows our clients to concern themselves with the content, while we ensure that the infrastructure is sound, and that it projects the high quality of the content. Combining our document formatting and management skills with high-end writing capabilities, we are pleased to provide a total document quality solution.To this end, we offer:

  • Proofreading of non-technical, and technical economic or IT
  • Standardized referencing
  • High quality, consistent, and robust formatting
  • Version management / Sub-contractor coordination
  • Reproduction (b/w, colour, binding)

Ikelos consultants have the skills and the tools necessary to transform your documentation into professional reporting. Specific methods include formatting, figure design, document automation, printing, binding and delivery. Our low-cost, fast-turnaround solutions enable our clients to concentrate on substantive quality control and client relations.

Headaches can often be avoided if documentation is maintained in deliverable quality on an ongoing basis. Ikelos is able to maintain this documentation, acting as an intermediary between project team members, and distributing finalized documentation as need be. Ikelos document management services give clients the ability to avoid often time consuming version and formatting problems, reducing time and cost at the project closing.

The Ikelos team includes web design professionals. At Ikelos, we believe that the communication of project information can be facilitated through an effective and efficient web presence, and maintain the capability, on-staff, to enable this presence.

IIkelos provides its clients with a range of information management services. The dynamic nature of contemporary project work in a multi-disciplinary environment means that a specific solution may not effectively respond to our client's needs. We will develop a solution quickly and effectively to help you manage the information necessary to effectively manage a project. From administrative functions (monitoring costs, maintaining project budget and cost information) to the maintenance of databases, references and assorted documentation, Ikelos can do it all.

The Ikelos team has the academic and experiential underpinnings to add sound fundamental analysis to any analytic approach. The econometric and risk analysis techniques employed by Ikelos allow clients to populate deliverables with effective quantitative arguments and conclusions.

Ikelos researchers employ a number of tools in the search for up-to-date and often obscure information. As a registered library, we have access - through interlibrary loans - to library collections throughout Canada. Our internet researchers remain second-to-none, employing a number of state-of-the-art research tools to get results, quickly. We specialize in finding information within the Canadian federal government, and maintain an extensive list of key contacts in a variety of topic areas.

Ikelos produces three distinct products in the bibliographic research domain. Each of these products flows directly and logically out of its predecessor, and are:

  • the comprehensive bibliography;
  • the annotated bibliography; and
  • the literature review

Ikelos has the resources to provide industry-specific monitoring and analysis. With a focus on economic aspects of current events, our economists can provide up-to-date information at low-cost in a number of formats. From informal daily e-mail briefings to more formal weekly or monthly newsletters, we have the capacity to provide monitoring and analysis that is intelligent, creative, timely and inexpensive.

Ikelos also provides on-demand qualitative economic analyses. This service provides our clients with up-to-date analysis of a specific topic, employing a range of analytical techniques. We specialize in using a number of key criteria to predict likely outcomes and implications.

Econometric, input/output and business case analysis are all tools at Ikelos' disposal. Our approach is technically rigorous, sensitive to theoretical developments, and creative in approach. We are pleased to offer these services at a competitive rate, and have access to an expert advisory panel in the case of sensitive outcomes.

Ikelos is committed to providing services to the Ottawa consulting community. In addition, through its website, Ikelos is in the process of creating an Ottawa Economics Portal. This resource is a starting point for any individual interested in economics as it pertains to Ottawa and its place in the economic world.

Ikelos is developing a number of software tools. Initially designed for in-house use, the Nometrix Economist Excel Plug-in provides the average economist and user of Excel with the ability to conduct quick and accurate econometric analysis of data in Excel with this macro-based tool. Nometrix is an Ikelos Research Support Initiative (IRSI).

Keywords: Economics