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By: Ifathom  09-12-2011

iFathom's Managed Services can dramatically improve your organizational productivity, as they allow your business and staff to remain focused on its principal capabilities and mission. 

iFathom provides the following managed services:

1.  Training

     a.       Subject Matter Expert (SME) tailored requirements;
b.       Installation and configuration;
c.       System administration;
d.       Role-based user training;
e.       Instruction is held at iFathom or client designated location.

2.  Analysis and Collaboration

     a.       iFathom provides comprehensive secure information management services including:

               i.      Archiving
ii.     Storage
iii.    Retrieval
iv.    Data Conversion
v.     Protected B data solutions

3.  Technical

      a.      Development

               i.      New language requirements

      b.      Implementation

               i.      integration to other database systems

      c.      Account management services

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