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By: Idl  09-12-2011

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IDL: Integrated SolutionsEvery activity, from the smallest administrative function to long-term strategic planning, plays a significant role in the overall effectiveness of any organization. It is this premise from which IDL bases its philosophy that seemingly insignificant operations can be adjusted in ways that will raise their level of impact - in a beneficial way.If for example, your marketing team launches a campaign to increase public perception that you are more technologically advanced than your competitors, yet when customers call to place an order, they encounter inefficiencies in the performance of the call-centre computers: suddenly, a great marketing initiative is in question. In response, you decide a systems-upgrade is in order to support your public claim. Will that new system work with your existing e-commerce system? How much employee training is required? Will employees be resistant to the change or will they embrace it? There are many complex and interconnected questions, which, if acknowledged and dealt with in advance of change, will result in a more effective evolution.The spin-off effects of change in seemingly unrelated areas of an organization can create problems or opportunities. IDL helps its clients identify these synergies and show them how to get the most out of organizational changes - and make sure the impacts are in fact positive.Sound integration begins at the top but covers all the bases
Most organizations are comprised of four main elements, and since every action in any of these areas impacts all others to some degree, make sure your impacts are positive
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