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By: Health Dynamics  09-12-2011
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We are the most precious things in our lives and in the lives of our friends and family. Given all of this, it is surprising how many people don’t have their health as a priority investment for themselves. Health has many dynamics to it encompassing mind, body and soul. Being healthy is not only about how we take care of our bodies, but also about removing disease. It goes without saying that the healthier we are, the better we feel and the better our decisions are regarding the various aspects of our lives. Health also encompasses freedom in mind, body and soul; freedom to access one’s generative power. Furthermore, health means taking action to:

Be healthy;

Stay healthy;

Be proactive about one’s health.

Personal health goals may be consciously or unconsciously driven, health driven or disease driven. The more disease energy that you have in your body, the more your behaviours and thoughts will be drawing you away from the ultimate place of health that you desire to attain.

Thinking ”If I have no symptoms of a disease, then I don’t have to worry about disease …” is an error concerning health. You might not have a diagnosed disease, but disease can go on for years without warning before being discovered as disease – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Symptoms, feelings, functions, sensations, occurrences and state of mind are ways that your body has of getting your attention regarding something going on in your body that needs fixing. For example, gut aches and pains are oftentimes unprocessed anger.

Disease is lodged at the energetic level and can produce symptoms at any level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The origin of disease does not reside at the biochemical level where we normally tend to look for it. Disease is actually an impingement of one’s life force that disturbs the generative power, the place where we have access to amazing energy and power to create. The impingement/trauma has to be a force strong enough to disturb the normal healthy rhythm of the life force of an individual for it to be considered a disease. An impingement is then gestated, eventually producing signs and symptoms of our being pregnant with that disease. The disease then needs to be annihilated and destroyed. Disturbances of the life energy that do not “engender” disease, can be corrected through nutrition and a better lifestyle. Disturbances that impinge the generative power require treatment of the disease, with energy similar to that disease, for it to be eradicated from the body. The traumas/events that can have an effect on our life force and can cause disease in this way can come in various forms – physical, emotional, chemical, environmental, genetic and karmic. Examples of traumas are: 1. a shock to the system – accidents, injuries, chemicals, radiation. 2. emotions – loss, grief, shame, fear, anger. 3. a big change, invasion, abuse, unresolved conflicts, attacks etc. 4. pathogens (microbes, epidemics). 5. medicines that disturb your healthy state by penetrating your life force. 6. genetic inheritances. 7. karmic influences.

We cannot continue the discussion about disease without talking about our disease load that stems from our inheritances. There are 4 major and 4 minor inherited miasms that are affecting our lives. Samuel Hahnemann (founder of Homeopathy) and those individuals following in his work have explored these miasms for the last 200 years. The 4 major miasms are Psorinum, Tuberculinum, Sycosis and Syphillis. The 4 minor ones are Malaria, Ringworm, Carcinosin and Lyme.

To put all of this into real life context, let’s take a couple of examples of a trauma that can impinge one’s life force and then also look at the psorinum miasm.

Alice was in a severe car accident and hit her head hard on the dash board. The impact was strong enough to not only affect her physical body, but also her life force. The impact memory is in her cells. She is now afraid of getting into a car again as the event really shook her up and scared her to her core, affecting her life force. As long as this event sits in her cells and has not been healed fully, it is sitting as a disease implication. In Fred’s situation, he was in what he thought was a loving and committed relationship with Sally. Yesterday, Sally comes home from work and declares she no longer loves him, hasn’t loved him for a while now, and wants a divorce. Fred’s life is shaken to his core. He feels as if his heart is going to break, that he has just been punched in the gut and feels abandoned. Can you feel his life force being marked by this event? I can.

Psorinum is the first miasm discovered by Samuel Hahnemann. Its state of mind is one of a poverty consciousness. A person with a strong hold on this miasm seems to expect poverty and disappointment or is unable to think in more expansive terms. There is fear and anxiety concerning health, prosperity and the future in general. This leads to some depression and a despairing outlook. It is the itch disease so is expressed oftentimes on the skin (e.g. psoriasis). Its seasonal relationship is to the fall with a connection to allergies.

In order to clear the disease, the body needs similar energy to the disease in order for it to do battle with the disease energy in the body. Using the law of similars and ‘like cures like’ as used in homeopathic medicine, the right medicine has the energy and the power to do abort the disease by dynamically and organically reversing the disease process. The body’s natural healing powers are harnessed to do this work.

Taking care of our bodies is important as well. Key contributors to a healthy sustentive power are our nutrition, our sleep, our hydration and our sex lives. Supporting ourselves in these areas helps to sustain us in a healthful way.

Invest in yourself and your health – you are worth it! Come and explore a journey to better health, eradicate disease and deal with ailments on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane by peeling the layers of your onion and lightening your disease load. Wouldn’t you rather invest in your health and yourself now so that you have a healthier future?

Keywords: Aches And Pains, Personal Health Goals

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