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By: Health Dynamics  09-12-2011

Are you living with the blues or living with someone who has the blues?

The blues can mean feeling sad, not really interested in life and events, having trouble sleeping, appetite is out of whack (no appetite or an increased appetite), having a lack of energy, having trouble concentrating or thinking clearly, and perhaps even having suicidal thoughts. With these kinds of feelings, it is no wonder that individuals are not interested in such things as their job, eating right, taking care of themselves or others, or having healthy relationships.

These types of feelings have also been given the label depression. My preference is to call it the blues because using the label depression means it comes with its associated labels, fears and discomfort around this dis-ease in the body. It can be a difficult dis-ease to deal with without having to carry around the additional burdens the depression label normally brings with it.

The blues is a dis-ease that is keeping someone from fully expressing who they naturally are without the dis-ease. The blues can come on suddenly or over a longer period of time. It is not unusual in society today to see young teenagers feeling the blues, or seniors as well. Age has no boundaries for this dis-ease and not all blues are created equal. Not everyone sings the blues in the same way. Each person has their own tune so to speak – expressing it quite differently and uniquely. Each has their own package of symptoms of feelings, functions and sensations and what triggered their blues. For example, one individual could feel down alternating with a lively mood, very irritable, easily angered, always thinks of dying. Another individual might express it in the form of fatigue, general depression of vitality, spells of sadness and melancholy.

Blues can be triggered by and/or tied to a situational event perhaps around the holidays or at a celebration time, a separation or loss of someone close, a loss of a job or financial position, post partum depression, a disease diagnosis etc. However for some people the blues feel somewhat heavier as it seems to last and go on and on with no end in sight. Long term blues can be tied to such things as hereditary aspects, lifestyle, illness, abusive relationships, or imbalances in the body.

It is not unusual for someone who is feeling blue for a while to have a mindset of ignoring the depression saying it will disappear and it just doesn’t seem to go away. It then becomes a known common daily feeling. These individuals could be lacking the energy and the clarity to:

harness their internal resources,

decide that they want something different,

investigate the options and

decide to take action.

So what can be done about this from an alternative perspective? Being an alternative health care practitioner, I work differently from the conventional medical model and therefore I offer an alternative option to working with the blues. Using the medical system of Heilkunst which uses the medicine of Homeopathy, the whole picture of the individual is assessed – physical, emotional and mental and then we do battle with the dis-ease so to speak. The individual’s natural healing energy is harnessed to participate in healing the body. Looking at the whole person is important because the body functions as a whole and it is found that an effective treatment approach involves the whole person. Looking at symptoms of the dis-ease is an important aspect as each individual’s symptom picture is unique and this gives me an understanding of what to look for in developing an appropriate treatment protocol that meets with the individual’s needs. This is a partnership and goal oriented approach.

In homeopathy, there are 622 different remedies that have depressive symptoms associated to them. This means that in identifying the remedy aspect of the treatment protocol, the symptoms along with the cause of the dis-ease are used to develop a clear picture of what the individual’s remedy picture looks like. Remedies are identified for various aspects of each individual case. For example, remedies are identified for: the dis-ease and its cause; the individual’s constitution which normally needs strengthening; organ support; drainage and detoxification; any inherited influences to consider; and the various emotions that are involved. Remedies are used to develop a healthier relationship with all emotions. Through this process the dis-ease load in the body is lightened.

Some lifestyle suggestions are:

  • Seek help,
  • Exercise, getting outdoors for fresh air,
  • Eat well and timely,
  • Drink enough water for your body and its needs – this could range from 5-10 glasses a day depending on your body’s requirements,
  • Assess your vitamin intake to ensure it is sufficient for your needs. A winter requirement is Vitamin D which can be obtained from Cod Liver Oil. Vitamin C and Vitamin B are also important vitamins,
  • Talk about your feelings,
  • Get enough refreshing sleep – 8-9 hours is ideal in the winter months.

Better health is an investment, a commitment to oneself and a journey of uncovering and unloading what is being carried around in the body.

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